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The Best Jobs for People With Disabilities

Just because some individuals live with a physical, mental or emotional disability does not mean they cannot be positive, contributing members of society. In fact, the opposite is often the case. People work even harder to overcome their disabilities than regularly-abled individuals, because they refuse to be treated any differently. Disabled people have held high positions in the government, have created important works of film and writing, have taught our young people and have built Fortune 500 companies. For the disabled the key is personal freedom, and the ability to live life with fairness and dignity. Having a fulfilling job is a major piece of that puzzle. Here are just a few of the best jobs for people with disabilities.

The job that must be mentioned first is teaching. The American educational system needs a great deal of help these days. A quick look at standardized test scores shows the U.S. is lagging behind many other industrial nations at a time when we need to be leading the way in math, science and technology. Individuals with physical disabilities make incredible teachers, because they understand patience and determination. They get to where they are by never giving up, so they won’t let students give up on themselves. A good teacher is a good teacher regardless of a disability, and connecting with the kids is the most important skill there is. A teacher with a disability can also be a great role model for kids who have their own disabilities, or even kids who are just a little bit different than the others.

Along those same lines, people with disabilities make great counselors or therapists. A disabled counselor who works with other people dealing with disabilities can make for an incredibly powerful tool for change and acceptance. And they will not let the patient give up, especially if the counselor had to overcome some serious disabilities to get to where he is today. Disabled people can be successful therapists in a hospital setting, a private practice, a school or even in a home-based setting, as long as they have access to transportation.

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Many of the arts are a perfect job choice for people with disabilities. Almost any type of disability can be overcome, and the arts are often a way people with emotional issues can express themselves. Many of the most famous painters, authors and photographers from history deal with some sort of emotional or mental disability, and went on to have a huge impact on culture and history. But as long as you have a vision, you can tackle one of these careers.

If you require it, you will certainly be able to find work at home opportunities that can be very fulfilling. Careers as a customer service representative, journalist, freelance online writer, computer programmer, architect or accountant are all possible while working from home. If you need one of those electric mobility scooters to get around you might not want a job that requires much travel. And any of the above options will make an enjoyable and lucrative choice. Remember, more than 50 million people in the United States are living with some sort of disability. That’s just under 20% of the country’s population. Don’t let it limit you from enjoying a career that gives you joy. In the age of the internet and mobile technology, there really are no more boundaries.

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