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The Interview: 5 Ways to Make Yourself Look More Professional

Business PeopleJob and internship interviews are very important to job seekers everywhere; these interviews can be the reason you get that job you’ve always wanted, or they can prevent you from achieving your dream. In order to do well at an interview and get the job you want, you need to look professional. This means dressing the part. Here are five sure ways you can dress the part and make yourself look more professional at you next job interview.

1. Don’t Dress Casually

When you are going to an interview, it is vital that you refrain from wearing clothes that are too casual. This can cause the interviewer to believe that you are not serious about getting the job or that you are not industrious and capable.

Make sure to dress professionally. Take your time picking out a great outfit for the interview. Wearing a jacket to top off your ensemble adds a touch of professionalism, too. While going into the interview with a polished, chic look won’t guarantee you the job, it will make a great first impression on the interviewer.

2. Don’t Bow Down to the Seasons

When it’s summertime and the temperatures are soaring, you need to resist the urge to wear flip flops, tank tops, or other very casual summer clothing. These will not make a good impression on the interviewer, and it can lessen your chances of getting the job. Instead, stick to professional clothing. It doesn’t have to be layers upon layers of stifling, hot fabric. You can have a great summer ensemble that is professional and that won’t make you too hot.

3. Avoid Loud Colors and Patterns

When dressing for an interview, choose your colors wisely. Solids and quiet patterns are a safe way to look professional yet stylish. Avoid wearing bright, loud colors or distracting, ridiculous patterns on your clothes. Wearing these kinds of things can cause your interviewer to think you don’t take things seriously or that you are not capable of being or dressing professionally.

4. Bring Something to Take Notes with

Bringing a beautiful leather notebook to an interview to take notes will impress the interviewer. Leather exudes professionalism, and the fact that you take notes in it will reveal your seriousness. A leather notebook can increase your chance of getting the job. Get a trendy leather notebook at this link before your next interview.

5. Wear Properly-Fitting Clothes

Clothes that are too long, too baggy, or that are generally ill-fitting should not be worn. They make you appear sloppy and unprofessional. Wear clothes that fit you perfectly, and get a tailor to make alterations if you need to. Also avoid extremely tight clothes. Dressing immodestly can be an immediate turn-off for any interview.

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