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The Lure of Employee Benefits: What are the Key Motivations to Work in 2013?

Across the globe, employees are embracing an entirely new and refreshed philosophy when it comes to appraising job opportunities. Rather than becoming preoccupied with their bottom line salary and remuneration, they are instead beginning to consider a wider range of factors that influence the employment experience as a whole. As a consequence, employers are considering the contracts and packages that they extend to potential employees, as they seek to maintain a competitive edge in the quest to retain and hire new talent.

The 3 Key Motivations to Work in the Contemporary Economy

With these points in mind, what are the key motivational factors that continue to empower employees in 2013? Consider the following options: –

1.    Your Cumulative Earning Potential as an Employee: Your annual salary represents only a portion of cumulative earnings, as there are other factors that can boost your earning potential on an annual basis. An employers bonus structure may be particularly lucrative, especially of you work in a commission based sales role which rewards you depending on individual performance. So when you consider a potential role of employment, be sure to consider the total amount of annual remuneration and whether or not this reflects your industry experience, marketable skills and expectations.
2.    The Lure of Each Individual Benefits Package: Benefits packages carry increasing importance in 2013, as employees have begun to appreciate the key advantages offered by long term healthcare coverage and life insurance. As the recession has taught individuals to appreciate value ahead of bottom line cost and profit, employees have embraced lucrative benefits packages that provide excellent coverage under the terms of an individual employment contract. These benefits can save you considerable sums of money in the future, while providing you with genuine peace of mind.
3.    Flexible Working Rights and Opportunity: For those who work in full time and permanent  employment, it is important to plan for your professional future. Job security is a critical part of this consideration, as is the opportunity to benefit from flexible working arrangements over time. If you have carer responsibilities or are hoping to start a family in the near future, for example, you will need to ensure that your employer is able to offer flexible working hours to suit your personal circumstances. In quest to hold down a job in line with additional responsibilities, this is something that demands careful attention.

The Last Word

These benefits carry increasing importance in the current employment market, especially as employees continue to adopt a long term outlook with regards to their finances and capacity to save. Before you make a decision and choose to accept an offer of employment, however, it is also wise to review professional resources that educate you on individual benefits and their core purpose. To work out what to look for in healthcare policies and reputable life insurance, for example, visit today.

Author Bio: This post was written by Laura on behalf of Monkey Insurance. To learn more about the individual components of employee benefits packages, visit the firms website and make an enquiry today.

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