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The Qualifications for Becoming a Delivery Room Nurse

Nurses perform one of the most valuable and highly demanded services in the whole medical industry. They act as the doctor’s eyes, ears and hands in many cases, providing an intimate level of patient care that is essential to the process of treatment and recovery. Delivery room nurses are more specialized than the average nurse, making it their business to learn everything there is to know about pregnancy, delivery and child birth. Careers in this field can be exciting and fulfilling, but obtaining the necessary qualifications is essential.

Every career in nursing, or any other field of the medical industry, begins with education. Medical professionals are among the most specialized workers in the world, and they hold the lives of patients in their hands every day. The path to becoming a delivery room nurse begins with an accredited degree program. Associate’s and bachelor’s degree programs in nursing are widely available, and both offer similar paths to the same certification. Students who have already completed degree programs can accelerate their careers by opting for a 2 year Associate’s Degree Nursing program, while others may prefer to opt for a 4 year Bachelor’s Degree Nursing program.

Following the successful completion of an accredited nursing degree program, prospective delivery room nurses will need to obtain their first and most important certification. In order to become a licensed registered nurse, all applicants must successfully pass the NCLEX-RN, or National Council Licensure Examination for registered nursing. This exam is intense and comprehensive, measuring the students’ abilities to access and apply the skills and knowledge they’ve gained from their experience in nursing school. This exam is different for every student, as each question depends largely upon the answers to previous questions. Most questions on the exam are multiple choice, and the exam must be completed in six hours.

Specialized training will be a necessity for further career advancement beyond the registered nurse stage. Nurses who wish to specialize in delivery room settings will need to complete additional training. Delivery room nurse training programs are offered by organizations like the American Nurses Credentialing Center, and they help nurses to develop the kind of skills they’ll need to work effectively in delivery rooms. Training in prenatal care, child birthing and all aspects of post-delivery healthcare will be provided by a specialized training program. This final qualification affords the future delivery room nurse all the foundation knowledge and certification he or she needs to break into this specialized field.

Of course, education in the medical industry never really ends. New developments are constantly arising, and nurses specializing in anything from cord blood banking to C-sections will need to stay on top of the latest news in medicine. Delivery room nurses should attend relevant medical seminars and stay up to date with the latest literature in order to stay current. Qualifications prepare nurses to enter their desired fields of specialization, but only tireless efforts throughout their careers will ensure long term success. Delivery room nursing is a field that requires passion and dedication in addition to standard nursing certifications.

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