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The Tech Field: How to Get Your Next Job in the Technology Industry

Business InterviewThe tech field can be extremely hard to break into. It’s fast-paced, stressful, and rough, but it pays off in challenge, benefits, and salary. In the tech field, knowledge and experience is everything, and if a technician does not have both they may have to get creative to keep their career going at the pace they want it to. Professionals in the tech field have to be highly motivated to keep moving forward because it’s easy to stay at the same level of technical expertise for a long time.

Develop Your Skills

For professionals first starting out in the tech industry or still considered entry-level, certifications can help immensely in getting another position. Certifications prove that the professional understands the basics needed to complete a job. Because IT knowledge is immense, it’s usually very difficult to judge what a single person knows about which types of technology. This means that employers often can’t figure out exactly what a professional knows through a series of interviews. Certifications are an easy way for an employer to immediately get a baseline on the professional’s knowledge.

Network Constantly

The tech industry is extremely closely knit and many people in the tech industry get their job through connections rather than through a traditional interview and application process. This means that someone who is an aspiring tech professional or an existing tech professional should take care to build up many good references and friends in the industry. A professional can never tell which contact will eventually pay off. It’s also important never to burn bridges because in many cities this type of reputation will follow a professional from job to job.

Know A Little About Everything

Many employers want very specific qualifications, such as a networking tech who happens to know a specific programming language or a programmer who happens to be skilled with a specific project management software. This means that it’s very important for a technician to know a little bit about as much as they can and put this on their resume. It’s very common, for example, a web designer may be brought in for an interview not because of their web design skills but because the interviewer happened to see that they are familiar with Unix or understanding feedback channels as well.

Specialize, Specialize, Specialize

While a technician needs to know a little about everything they should also have an area of hard specialization that they truly focus on because the tech industry is extremely diverse, and trying to focus on too many industries at once will eventually handicap them by not letting them get as far in any one industry as they could.

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