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The Top 5 Fastest Growing Jobs for Salesmen

the top five fastest growing jobs for salesmenMany different careers are available in sales. Salespeople today can make a large amount from commissions or other employer incentive programs. The following are some of the best sales opportunities.

Retail Sales

Some of the fastest growing careers in sales are related to the retail industry. Retailers have been expanding consistently over the years. These careers include sales associates who work on the floor with customers as well as purchasing agents and even wholesale salespeople who work behind the scenes. Careers in retail sales are showing no signs of slowing.

Real Estate

Both residential and commercial real estate are growing for people who want to follow a career in sales. These positions require licensing and specialized training. Commercial real estate sales careers can be very lucrative especially in the larger urban markets where space is limited. The demand for residential real estate salespeople is growing although not in all locations.

Home Security and Automation

New technologies have increased the demand for residential home security systems. A home security system can now monitor an entire home wirelessly. Companies often combine home security features with home automation systems that give homeowners the ability to automatically lock doors or program the lights while on vacation according to a Long Beach home security system representative from Salespeople are in demand in this industry to communicate the benefits of the latest systems to homeowners.


Most businesses need software today to operate efficiently. Software salespeople generally have an information technology (IT) background. These growing positions combine sales with consultation. The salesperson must be able to assess the needs of the business and choose the best software to get the job done. Software sales careers are expected to grow as cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) providers become more common.

Outsourced and Logistical Services

An increasing number of businesses are using outsourced services or third-party logistics (3PL) providers. Salespeople in this industry meet with businesses and sell services such as an outside call center, nationwide freight moving or complete supply chain management. This sales career will grow as businesses start to reduce overhead by turning to specialized outsourced companies with high levels of expertise.

Jobs in sales will always be available largely because of the nature of business and the economy in the country. Individuals who dedicate time to becoming a strong salesperson will find a number of opportunities for success. Success sometimes means specializing in one industry such as manufacturing or software in order to gain knowledge that will help when selling to businesses or consumers.

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