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The Top 5 Most Common Mistakes Most Amateur Interviewees Make

Man getting hired

Business InterviewMan getting hiredThere are several mistakes new interviewees make on a regular basis. Here are the five most common mistakes you want to avoid in your next job interview.

1. Not Preparing in Advance

Interviews are far more easily handled when they have been prepared for in advance. An interviewee should think about questions that the interviewer is likely to ask and practice answering them out loud. If possible, an interviewee should have a friend stand in as an interviewer to ask them questions pertaining to the position because a friend may be able to think about questions that the interviewee may not. Preparing for an interview is extremely important because it helps the interviewee speak more clearly and with more confidence.

2. Being Too Early

Many amateur interviewees will show up to an interview thirty minutes early or even more. While they may do this to make sure that they are not late it is actually very disrespectful to the interviewer to show up this early. Fifteen minutes is the maximum amount of time that an interviewee should arrive early. Any earlier than this and the interviewee is actually causing an inconvenience.

3. Being Rude to Staff

When interviewing for a position it is extremely important to make a good impression on everyone, and this includes the reception staff. Many amateur interviewees might be short with the reception desk or may even be rude, either because they believe it does not matter or because they are nervous. Many supervisors will ask their entire staff what they think about an applicant and this means that this can destroy an entire interview.

4. Dressing Improperly

While most offices have become more casual today the standard interview outfit has not changed. Men should wear properly fitting suits and formal shoes and women should wear either a suit or business outfit without a suit jacket and closed toed shoes. Anything too flashy should be avoided and most women will want to wear subdued and professional makeup. Dressing improperly can give a terrible first impression and color the atmosphere of the rest of the interview. Wearing t shirts with a kick or not dressing professionally in an interview can give the interviewer a poor impression of you, even if you are a good fit for the job.

5. Not Answering Honestly

Most amateur interviewees will try to make it sound as though they know anything but this is really not necessary. Many interviewers will ask questions about things that they know it is unlikely that the interviewee knows about but would just be a bonus. Interviewers can tell when an interviewee is lying or trying to pretend that they know more than they do so it should always be avoided. An interviewee should be honest about their skills and emphasize the fact that they are willing to learn anything they need to for the position.

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