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The Top Career Paths For Introverts

shutterstock_186224066If you relish your time alone, you’re probably an introvert. Individuals with a solitary personality tend to thrive in a quiet and independent work environment and, according to the Myers & Briggs Foundation, introverts feel more comfortable focusing on one task at a time. Jobs that cater to these needs are more common than ever before. Keep your personality in mind when choosing your career and you’ll not only be more productive, but happier too.


For those who enjoy organizing, a career in archives is a no-brainer. Archivists rarely interact with the public and are in charge of safeguarding historical documents. This heavily independent job is common in hospitals, government agencies and academic institutions and may include books, maps, photographs and computer-generated records. A undergraduate degree (typically in library science or history) is necessary for this line of work.

  • Annual Median Salary: $44,410
  • Projected Growth: 11 percent

Elevator Installer and Repairman

If you consider yourself good with your hands and enjoy working with electrical equipment, an elevator installer and repairer career may be right for you. Aside from working with elevators, these repairmen may also install and fix walking stairways, escalators and other lifts, notes The Richest. Repairs and installations are usually done alone but may require some client interaction. Completion of an apprenticeship program is required for this job.

  • Annual Median Salary: $76,650
  • Projected Growth: 25 percent

Film and Video Editor

Film and video editors often work alone. They must have both an eye for art and the ear of an artist, states Hollywood Reinvented. Introverts will enjoy the challenges of storytelling and the casual environment of editing rooms. To succeed as a film and video editor, individuals will need an undergraduate degree in film editing, communication, or fine arts as well as internship experience.

  • Annual Median Salary: $46,280
  • Projected Growth: 3 percent

Freelance Writer

Pairing the solitary lifestyle with writing is a winning match for those who prefer going solo. Writing is something that can only be completed alone, in a silent space with nothing but our inner thoughts — an introvert’s natural state. Getting paid to write, however, isn’t easy. At the very least, a Bachelor of Arts degree in English, journalism or creative writing will be necessary, as will multiple writing samples and some real-world experience.

  • Annual Median Salary: $55,940
  • Projected Growth: 3 percent
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Auto Mechanic

Auto mechanics are problem solvers, detail-oriented and persistent. According to The Humble Mechanic, the life of a mechanic can be a great fit for those who enjoy a set routine. A typical day on the job involves oil changes, replacing lights and performing mileage services. And unless you’re the owner of a shop or the service writer, you most likely won’t have to deal with customers yourself. When searching for an auto mechanic job, the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification from online schools like Penn Foster will be helpful, particularly for those with little on-the-job experience.

  • Annual Median Salary: $36,610
  • Projected Growth: 9 percent

Computer Programmer

If you prefer interacting with a computer, a career in computer programming might be for you. This job involves writing code to create software programs, debugging programs and updating or expanding existing programs. The job might require attending office meetings, but is an independent activity that can be done without direct coworker interaction. An undergraduate degree is highly suggested for anyone thinking of applying to computer programming jobs.

  • Annual Median Salary: $74,280
  • Projected Growth: 8 percent

Truck Driver

Introverts with wanderlust might greatly enjoy the benefits a truck driving job can provide. As a truck driver you can travel around the U.S. by yourself for days on end with nothing but a radio to keep you company. Truck drivers must have a high school diploma or GED, be PTDI certified and have a CDL to be considered for jobs. Rules and regulations can vary from employer to employer, with some asking for a minimum of one year experience to others asking for three to five years.

  • Annual Median Salary: $38,200
  • Projected Growth: 11 percent

Note: All salary and growth figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


  1. Louis Mills

    For drivers, a promoting career path can be working in distribution of some famous brands, like Home Depot, Albertsons or Badcock Furniture.
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  2. Mark

    Great list!

    Echoing Louis’ comments, introverted personalities could certainly do well at places like Home Depot, Albertsons, etc. However, there are simply a ton of other great careers out there for introverts: forestry, being a curator, being a private chef, and on and on.

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