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The Top Five Jobs with the Least Injuries

When most of us go to work, the one thing we hope to avoid during the workday is being injured. While some jobs, such as professional athletes or police officers have a great risk of injury, there are fortunately far more jobs that are much safer on a daily basis.

WriterThe Top Five Jobs with The Least Injuries

One of the safest jobs out there is that of writer. Most writers work from home, having a morning commute from their bedroom to their desk. There’s usually not much chance of anything more serious than a hangnail happening during this commute, so it’s a good bet they will stay injury-free during their workday. Because most homes have security systems from such companies as LifeShield Security, writers working from home have little chance of being surprised by a would-be burglar.


Members of the clergy also have very safe workdays. Spending their days doing research for an upcoming sermon, meeting with those needing counseling or officiating over weddings or funerals leave little chance they will sustain a serious injury. Because clergy rely on their faith to see them through difficult times, they have less stress and are better able to keep life in perspective.

Physical Therapist

Physical therapists also report suffering few injuries while on the job. Because they spend their days working with others who have suffered injuries, they tend to be in good physical condition and know how to take care of their bodies. While their job can have potential for injuries, they rarely report getting hurt even when spending time lifting and carrying patients through their exercise routines.


Librarians rarely if ever get hurt on the job, except for the occasional book that might be dropped on their feet. Libraries are perhaps the safest workplaces on the planet, with little more than paper cuts happening from time to time. Being in a quiet, peaceful spot all day surrounded by the books they love makes for a workday that doesn’t feel like work and little chance of getting hurt.


Artists such as painters and musicians report practically no job-related injuries. Because they spend their time doing what they love, there’s very little chance of getting anything more than a callous from holding a paint brush or playing a guitar too much in a day.

Those people fortunate enough to make their living in these occupations can look forward to spending their time doing what they love rather than sitting in an emergency room with a cast on their arm or leg.

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