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Three Amazing Ways to Keep Your Staff Satisfied About Their Job

Employee turnover rates are a concern for O.C. tanner and many other companies. Keeping your workers happy is one of the key things that you can do to reduce employee turnover rates. Contrary to popular belief, offering bonuses and big raises are not the only things that you can do to keep your employees happy. Below are some tips for keeping your employees satisfied with their jobs:


Make The Office Environment A Little More Relaxing

If employees like where they work, then they will be happier. Making simple changes, such as playing music in the office and shortening meeting times, can make your employees happier. Furthermore, you should take the time out to communicate with your employees. Not only does this help the employees feel happier, but it also helps them feel more secure. You can communicate with them in person or send them a handwritten note or email.


Give Them The Option of Working From Home

Many workers would be happier if they had the option of working from home. In fact, a recent survey has shown that some workers would be willing to give up their smartphone, chocolate and shopping if they could work from home. Additionally, some workers stated that they would gladly give up a salary increase and cut their vacation days in half if they could work from home.

Working from home is definitely an option that you should consider giving your employees. These days, it is becoming more easy to telecommute with smartphones and tablets. Approximately half of employees have stated that it is relatively easy to telecommute these days.

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Not only can your employees benefit from working from home, but this option can also benefit your company as a whole. Fifty-four percent of the people surveyed stated that they would be just as productive if they worked from home. Furthermore, 32 percent of the employees surveyed stated that they would be more productive if they could do their work from home.


Let Your Employees Focus More On Doing Their Jobs

Your employees will also be happy if they could focus more on their jobs. Limiting the number of emails that are sent out per day is one of the ways that distractions could be eliminated. It is estimated that the average worker spends over 100 hours per year reading pointless emails. Your employees may feel stressed out if they constantly see that their inbox is flooded with messages.

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