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Three Great Trades for Creating Your Own Business

Fixing the sink

A lot of people are looking into starting their own business these days, and it makes a lot of sense, now more than ever. People tend to look for small companies they can trust in today’s business world. Consumers are tired of big business and its tendency to cut costs, and are looking for the kind of service a true craftsman can provide. If you have a specific skill, if you’ve picked up a trade over the years, there has never been a better time to get into the industry. Here are a few trades that particularly stand out as great options for starting your own business.

PlumbingThree Great Trades for Creating Your Own Business

As long as our world depends on plumbing, we will need plumbers, and customers tend to look for individuals they can trust rather than put themselves at the mercy of big business. Plumbing services are usually expensive, and so customers want results. Plumbing repair in Milwaukee, as an example, is considered great as it can offer great service, a low cost, and fast results. The difference between your small business and the service of a major company is that you have flexibility, set your own hours, and are a single, real person. The average customer that needs plumbing services is going to be upset, frustrated, and stressed beyond belief. As a singular small business owner, you have a real advantage over a major company, simply because you come off as a human being.


Everybody needs an electrician at some point. Whether it be to install a light switch, upgrade a fuse box, or move an outlet, electricians are invaluable anywhere electricity is used. For the same reasons a plumber that is self-employed will get more business, an electrician will find no shortage of customers. Because you are a person and not a company, you’re more willing to work with, rather than separate from, your clients. This difference makes you stand out and leads to more work. As you service more clients, your reputation builds. If you have an electrician’s license, self-employment has a lot of benefits.

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Automotive Repair

We’ve all had a bad mechanic at some point, and usually that mechanic worked for a dealership or major company. Corporate mechanics are interested in saving their companies money, first and foremost; it’s the nature of their job. You can stand out and build a real reputation for yourself by providing great service to your clients at fair prices, and treating them like people. Mechanics will always be needed, so if you can build a name for yourself, and have the proper licensing, it’s a great career choice to start your own automobile shop.

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