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Throw An Unforgettable Company Party For Your Employees With These 5 Tips

Throw An Unforgetable Company Party For Your Emloyees With These 5 TipsThrowing a company party that everyone’s still talking about on Monday may seem daunting. It doesn’t need to be, though. Keep in mind a few easy tips to make your next company party memorable.


#1. Start with the Food

Don’t think of the theme as just “company party.” Start with a theme and carry it through. Set the tone with the food. Try an international theme featuring nibbles from several different countries. Or order food all served as cupcakes. Make sure you order enough food, and then some. People will rave if you send them home with take-home bags, but they will gossip if the food runs out before the party is over.


#2. Organize the Entertainment

Work colleagues will stand in small groups talking to the same old co-workers. Organize entertainment ideas that will get them mingling. Karaoke is a memorable idea, as long as you’re prepared to get the party started. Hire a DJ that will interact with the crowd. Or go with the theme idea and have a gambling section, a sundae bar or even corny games such as “Guess Who” with baby pictures.


#3. Give Out Prizes

If you’re going to play games, you have to give out prizes. People love winning, so try to come up with a large number of small prizes. Scratch tickets are a fun, inexpensive prize. Homemade goodies are always a treasure. Buy a large quantity of candles or sweets at a bulk store and wrap each festively. For larger prizes, ask local vendors or business if they will donate items in exchange for publicity.


#4. Focus on the Details

Don’t sweat the small stuff, but don’t forget about it either. Start by scheduling the party at a time when the majority of the employees can to attend. Allow them to invite a spouse or guest, but limit it there to keep expenses down. Have everything set up before the party to accommodate early or on-time arrivals. Take the time to at least greet and exchange pleasantries with every employee.


#5. Supply Party Favors

Nothing makes a party more memorable than a trinket to remember the party by. Plus, everyone loves receiving a gift. Have cookies, candies or other treats pre-wrapped to take home. For a truly unique and memorable party favor, supply custom corporate golf balls. You can have golf balls printed with your company’s name and logo on one side and the name and date of the event on the other side.


Parties are supposed to be fun, so enjoy throwing one for your employees. Start with the big concerns and remember the details. Send everyone home with a prize or party favor, and your company’s party is sure to be unforgettable.

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