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Time for an Exit Strategy? Managing your Business and Professional Career

Whether you set up your fledgling business two months or twenty years ago, the chances are that you never thought back then that you’d one day want to leave. Or maybe you thought that you’d own that business and therefore work there until you retired? Perhaps that day has come and you are now happily ready to retire, or perhaps you are simply ready for a change of pace, a change of scene or maybe both of the above? This will dictate a need for change, and more specifically to sell your business and embrace a new phase in your professional career.

Whatever the reason for your interest in leaving behind the business that you created, it is really important that you feel happy with the physical manifestations as well as financial outcomes of your decision. After you have spent time and effort building up your business into what it is today, you need to make sure that you are going to maximize the potential value of that business to the interested parties to make sure that you get what you deserve for all of that hard work. It is all very well you knowing what your business means to you and your clients, but can you explain that to potentially interested parties?

Understanding the Factors that Influence Business Transition

Then you have to consider the fallout from the sale of the business, who is left in charge of what and what rights you have? What about any stock or other assets? How about current employees? Knowing how to go about this sometimes rather heavy legal process and who to trust when you are in a potentially vulnerable position can be hard.

It is therefore important that you feel safe and secure with the people that you chose to assist you in this most delicate of processes. A good place to start is to consider a specialist company like Axis Partnership UK Limited who will have a team of experts, often with first hand industry and business experience that they can draw upon whilst helping you sort out your affairs.

The Bottom Line

Once you’ve got the exit from your current business sorted, then it’s time to think about what is next? Is it a happy retirement in the sun in Spain? A new business venture with a partner, colleague or friend? Or perhaps it’s back into a more traditional employment structure? Whatever your direction maybe, all the best for your future and here’s to it making you very happy because we work to live and not live to work after all!

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