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Tips for Aspiring Fashion Photographers

Fashionable woman

Fashionable woman If you love fashion and taking pictures, then a career as a fashion photographer might be for you. Many magazines pay their fashion photographers a high fee for a few images. However, in order to get to this pay rate, it takes work, patience, talent, and more. Get started by checking out equipment from online camera stores and by reading these tips.

Build Your Portfolio

The best way to get started as a fashion photographer is to build your portfolio. This might take work and time. After all, not every image that you capture is going to be something that you want to include in your portfolio. Also, you are going to want to retouch and print each image you decide to include in your portfolio. This is because most people will want to see your portfolio on the web and in person.


The best way to land a job is to get to know people in the industry. After all, most people will not even look at your portfolio unless someone has referred you. Although networking is not the most enjoyable activity, it does pay off. You can start with social media and branch out from there. One contact will lead to another. Soon, you will have many resources that you can use to help you with your career. However, make sure that you always work hard and respect the people you work with. You have a lot to gain from these people. The better you treat them, the more you will benefit from the relationship.

Research Photo Editors

Every magazine has a photo editor. Once your portfolio is strong enough, you should consider contacting the photo editor about submitting your work. If you get through to an editor, make sure that you know their name. Also, understand that during this phase of the process, you are simply showing the editor your work.

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Negotiate Pay

If you get the chance to negotiate a payment for images, remember that every magazine has a different budget. Some will pay your for your expenses. Others will pay you a fee. Some might only be willing to print your photos so you can get your work published. They view this as a form of payment. You can try to negotiate a better agreement during this process. However, make sure to always be respectful.

Find a Photo Agent

After you have experienced some success as a fashion photographer, it might be in your best interest to find a photo agent. This person will represent you for a minimal cost. Basically, they will take a percentage of the pay you receive from all of your jobs. This motivates them to find you jobs. Most photographers love having an agent because it eliminates the hassle of dealing with the scheduling and busy work. Instead, they focus on the creativity of their job.

Although there are a lot of photographers in the fashion world, there is constantly room for new talent and new perspectives. If you have a passion for this creative and exciting industry, these tips can help you understand how to succeed.

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