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Top 5 New Jobs That Are Always Hiring

Some people graduate from college and find it difficult to find a job. However, there are certain professions that are always in demand. This is caused by a large growth in all of these fields. Here are some of the jobs that are always looking for new people:

Medical Coding Specialist

These people review and read medical documentation that is given to them by doctors and insurance companies. Their job is to provide their clients with detailed information regarding surgical operations, injuries, diseases and other procedures that have been performed. This information is then transcribed into numeric codes.


This is currently a job with extremely high demand in the U.S. As hard as it may be to believe, the Bureau of Labor Statistics says that actuaries have 0 percent unemployment. They assess the risk of certain negative events occurring. Then they help to design various policies that will help companies and their clients to help them minimize the potential cost of these risks. They analyze data that helps them to estimate the likely cost of disability, injury, sickness and death to the company.

Social Media Consultant

This is one of those jobs that people can break into without any experience or formal training. This is provided that you have the desire, interest and knowledge needed to succeed in this rapidly growing field. The job involves helping businesses to promote themselves via many different social media tools. It is essential in today’s highly competitive business world that companies promote their services on the Internet. Since many of these companies are not familiar with the latest trends on social media, they need to hire a social media consultant to help them get the most exposure.


The home security, fire detection and home automation industry is booming. Vivint is a leading company in these fields. They are always looking for bright and talented people to add to their staff. If you are looking for a job in San Francisco home automation, contact Vivint for more information on what positions they have available. You can also visit to learn more about the company and what they have to offer potential employees.

Massage Therapist

The practice of using your touch to soothe and manipulate the muscles and tissues of the body is called massage therapy. It can be necessary because of injury rehab, stress reduction, relaxing muscles that are overworked or the treatment of ailments that are painful. This field is expected to grow enormously in the next decade.

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