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Top 5 Online Resume Writing Services

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When it comes to resume writing services, you definitely want to get the best. After all, the resume is the paper that will get your foot in the door for a potential interview. It can have a long-term impact on your career and financial future. In this article, we’ll look into the top 5 online resume writing services out there.

•    Resume Writers – the company specializes in providing personal writing services by a certified writer. Having been in the industry for nearly a decade, they have expertise in over 5 dozen fields. Job seekers who are failing to get even an interview can boost their chances by hiring an expert. There are four basic process involved in the services: submitting your info, meeting the writer, getting the first draft, and the final revision. One main benefit offered by Resume Writers is that they guarantee that you will receive a reasonable number of interviews. If this doesn’t happen, you can ask them to rewrite the resume.
•    Resume Edge – one of their main selling points is that they can provide less than 48 hours turnaround. This is important if you need a professional resume at very short notice for a job fair or any other event. The writers at Resume Edge specialize in more than 40 industries. They can write for all levels so whether you are just starting in your career, are interested in a government job, or need an executive resume written, you can count on them to do good work.
•    Resume Planet – this firm is considered as a “one-stop” shop when it comes to resume writing. They cater to job seekers with varying levels of expertise. Whether you are in the technical field, healthcare industry, the government, or creative industry, you can be sure to get appropriate help from resume planet. The company also offers cover letter writing, KSA writing, and other forms of letter writing services.
•    Dream Resume – if you’re looking for fast and affordable service, choosing Dream Resume may be a good idea. The firm specializes in helping clients land their dream job. Aside from resume writing, they also offer to write your referral contact letters, follow up letters, and cover letters among others. If you want to distribute your resume to the top job sites, this firm can help with that initiative as well.
•    Career Plus Resumes – get job-winning CVs when you choose this resume writing company. Career Plus Resumes know how to make use of keywords to get your resume scanned by employers. The firm aims to give clients the strongest resume that will help them land a fulfilling job. Investing in your CV is definitely worth it.

So there you have it, the top 5 online resume writing firms in the company today. There are lesser-known firms that offer equally good writing services at a lower price. But the firms listed above have proven many times over that they offer good value for your money.

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