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Top Careers in the Hospitality Industry

For those of us who are a big fan of taking good care of other fine folks, the hospitality industry is a fantastic way to make a living. Tons of different positions in the hospitality industry are geared towards making sure others have a really nice time, and if this is a talent of yours then seeking this type of career is a great way to make money doing something about which you’re truly passionate. If you’re looking for a way to get your hospitality career started, but aren’t sure which option might be the best for you, we’ll talk about some of the different ways you can dedicate to what you love the most. Whatever your flavor, there’s likely a way you can enjoy it in the hospitality industry, and knowing what options you have available to you always goes a long way towards making your decision a little easier. The following job opportunities in the hospitality industry are likely the best way for you to do what you love and make a great living at the same time.

Hotels are a huge part of the hospitality industry, and for the reason that many different aspects of it all come together under the hotel roof. To discuss a few positions that are specific to the hotel, however, brings us right into the lobby, where all the best hospitality work takes place. Since you’re looking for a way to help people really enjoy themselves, there are more than a few things you can do in a hotel to achieve this. You can work as the concierge and help vacationers plan the most exciting and rewarding trip they could possibly enjoy, or you can work at the front desk and help people get checked into their rooms on time, helping them with one of the most important parts of any trip. You can even be a bellhop if physical fitness is your thing!

The restaurant is another great way to work in the hospitality industry, especially for those of us with very social tendencies. As a host, maitre d’, or server you’ll get to enjoy a fast-paced atmosphere, unite people with quality food, and make brand new friends every night in the process. Jobs like these are especially good for those of us with social butterfly tendencies, as a big and warm personality goes a long way in the hospitality industry.

Casinos are also great places for hospitality workers to make a great living, because they’re also usually in hotels or have restaurants attached to them. You can have a great job as a card dealer, but even if you’re wondering how to become a restaurant manager you can still make sure you find a job in a restaurant, casino, hotel, or some combination of the three. There are a ton of jobs in the hospitality industry, each with their own reward, and each being a great way to work around people and do what you love.

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