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Top Five Phones For Running a Business

Top Five Phones For Running a Business

Nowadays, people are using their smartphones in almost every aspect of their life. They use smartphones for entertainment, to look up information, to shop, and even to help them with work. As a business owner, you should pick a phone that will improve the way you run your business. Here are the top five phones for helping one run a business.

Samsung Galaxy S II 4G


Since running a business is a very busy endeavor, you probably aren’t going to have the time or the opportunity to be charging your mobile phone multiple times a day. Therefore, you should consider getting the Samsung Galaxy S II 4G, which is well-known for its long battery life.

Despite its long battery life, the Samsung Galaxy S II 4G is quite fast. As a business owner, you probably don’t have time to be waiting for an app on your mobile phone to load, and if you get the Samsung Galaxy S II 4G, you probably won’t have to.



When it comes to the LG G2, navigating the operating system is incredibly sleek and fast. The process of opening up apps is extremely snappy, which fits the needs of a business owner who is constantly short on time.

The LG G2 contains an infrared transmitter, which will allow you to control devices like Blue-Ray players and TVs by using the phone, which may come in handy for a business owner who is always away from home.


Sony Xperia Z1


The Sony Xperia Z1 is a complete powerhouse that is very sturdy and dependable. Despite having a monster processor and gigantic screen, the Sony Xperia Z1 has a surprisingly long battery life. If you’re clumsy and tend to eat while you work, the Sony Xperia Z1 will be perfect for you because it is dust proof and waterproof as well.

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iPhone 5S


If you find the four-digit pass code for the previous iPhones a bit of a hassle, you’ll love the iPhone 5S. This mobile phone has a fingerprint scanner built into the new Home screen button. Therefore, you can unlock your phone automatically simply by touching it. Obviously, this can prove to be an incredibly convenient feature and much more secure as well.


Blackberry Bold


When it comes to Blackberry phones, the Blackberry Bold tends to get the most praise from business owners. It is slim yet powerful, an essential combination for business owners. One can use the Blackberry Bold to connect to the Internet, and it offers an incredibly fast processing speed. Check out the Blackberry Bold and other models at Blackberry Canada from


While smartphones tend to be expensive, especially the high-end ones, they are completely worthwhile because they will transform the way you work as the owner of a business. Therefore, you should consider buying one of the top five phones for business owners listed above.

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