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Trade Shows at Their Best: Five Secrets to Making it The Most Successful

Trade Shows at Their Best - Five Secrets to Making it The Most SuccessfulOne of the most popular ways for business professionals to be successful is with trade shows. These are highly trafficked venues giving a lot of exposure to your business and its products. Trade shows can attract new leads and amplify your client base. Being around other business people like you can lead to some good networking opportunities as well as the chance to monitor developments of rival companies. Trade shows are competitive, so you want to find ways to stand out in the crowd. Below are five secrets to making your business a success with trade shows.

Promotional Products

The average trade show sees about 400 attendees with 25 show booths. Having a unique and interesting booth is going to give you a leg up with the competition, but it’s not enough. To really put the cement in your business with potential customers, it is totally necessary to use promotional products as giveaways. Promotional products are anything you might imagine from stress balls, tote bags, umbrellas, customized wall calendars, an African-American calendar, golf balls and much more that have your company logo and information about your business on them.

Be Eye Catching

Remember, there will be lots of other booths at the trade show. Consequently, you want to make sure the attendees will come see yours. You must find a way to be visually appealing and stand out from the competitor, while still boldly conveying the message regarding your services and business. Try using interesting graphics, an elaborate design on the booth, an interactive station and much more. Make sure you avoid sensory burnout. Don’t have so much going on in the booth that you lose the customers focus.

Your Booth’s Appearance

You want to match the feel of your booth to how it appears. For example, if you run an Internet-based business dealing with serious customers, you might want to try attracting people with a hands-on or interactive demonstration instead of having a pastel green booth with a popcorn machine. Your brand needs to be consistent through and through.

Be Clean and Tidy

Trade shows can be messy, crowded and hectic. Seeing a clean, uncluttered booth that is organized shows professionalism while making it a lot easier to see your information and move around your booth.

Be Friendly

As much as the contents of your booth and the service you offer are important, human interaction is equally important. During the trade show, you and your staff are considered salespeople. This makes face to face exchanges extremely important. Always be friendly and warm, making sure you give out detailed information on your products. Always listen to what the customer has to say to you.

By following the tips above, you will be on your way to a successful trade show experience.

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