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Unemployed: Five Tips To Find A Good Job Fast

Unemployed- Five Tips To Find A Good Job Fast Finding a good job fast is not an easy task for most people. It is full-time work. Unemployed individuals need to think differently about pursuing employment. Sticking exclusively to traditional channels like newspaper classifieds is not a good idea. There are five tips that will help anyone to find a good job fast.

Ask Friends and Contacts

Some of the best sources for unlisted jobs are friends and contacts who work in or close to the industry. Simply asking about what is happening or if a job opening is available can provide useful leads. It could also help to ask professional contacts to pass a resume onto human resource officers. This is how many people find specific jobs within an industry quickly.

Use Specialized Agencies

People who have experience in a specific field such as healthcare or security can often find a job quickly through a specialized placement agency. With agencies like Fastaff jobs are readily available at hospitals for skilled nurses willing to travel. These types of specialized companies can connect unemployed workers with eager employers very fast.

Streamline Resumes

Individuals searching for a good job fast must streamline a resume so that it is easy for employers to determine personal qualifications. This means removing unrelated job experiences, taking out long paragraphs about personal interests and customizing the resume for each potential employer. This could also mean doing a bit of resume padding. For example, having a masters degree in organizational leadership will help your resume stand out from the rest. This will make it easier for an employer to quickly pre-qualify the resume and schedule an interview.

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Actively Market Skills

Being aggressive is part of finding a good job fast. Actively marketing skills means placing resumes on social media websites and on the desks of human resources departments. One strategy is to call companies in the area that are within the career field and ask if any job openings are available. Some companies might provide a job offer based on an interview or resume even without a current opening.

Build New Contacts

An unemployed individual will encounter many people while searching for a job. Although most of these people will not provide a direct job offer, it is possible that some will have information about other employers. It is important to develop as many new contacts as possible. This means asking about jobs outside the company, having coffee after an interview and even following up on social media. This could result in an unexpected interview or job offer after a few days.


Two of the most valuable tools to have while searching for a good job fast are confidence and persistence. Employers are impressed with applicants who are confident in personal skills and abilities. It also helps to be persistent and to not let minor setbacks stop the search.

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