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Ways to Save Money, Earn Money & Retire On Time

Couple spending a retirement holiday at the beach Retirement doesn’t just happen. It takes planning and commitment and, yes, money. In order to prepare for retirement by earning and saving money, here are some suggestions:

Save Money, Stretch Your Dollar

  • Pay Yourself

We pay the bills, pay the gas stations and even pay our kids allowance money for cleaning up around the house, but we often forget to pay ourselves. Every payday, pay yourself. Move a predetermined amount of money into savings just like you would paying bills.

  • Stock Up

When at the grocery store, don’t just buy what you need. In general, people eat a lot of the same thing throughout the month. Keep an eye on products you often use and buy whenever they go on sale. Even if you don’t use the item right away, you inevitably will in a few weeks.

  • Stay Up-to-Date

Phone, cable and Internet packages are always changing. When was the last time you shopped around and considered different providers? You may be surprised how much you could save monthly by dropping your landline and switching strictly to mobile, or by changing companies.

  • Wait for Sale Items

On pricey purchases, wait for sale items before buying. In the store, it’s easy to get wrapped up in excitement. Waiting a few days or months will help determine if you truly want, need and can afford purchasing.

Earn Extra Cash

  • Sell Ad Space on Your Car

A nearly effortless moneymaker for heavy commutes, brand representatives are paid to drive. You don’t need to have a complete car wrap either. With a magnetic advertisement decal posted on the side of your auto, you can be a driving advertisement for household products, local companies and more.

  • Why Not Part-time Work?

You may find that a part-time or occasional job would make a big difference to your budget. Beyond security guards and pet-sitting, what else is there? Here are some good options to consider.

  • Consulting or freelancing
  • Research for Businesses or Colleges
  • Government agencies
  • Customer services

Online resources: Apply for jobs at or, for example, offer many older workers’ jobs that require the kind of knowledge they have amassed over a lifetime of work.

  • Rent Out Space in Your Home
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Whether you rent out a room or offer storage in your basement, your home can easily make you money. is an online storage finder for people listing or looking to rent extra-storage space in a private residence. If you’ve got an extra room, space in the garage or the attic, list your price. Or, if you’re interested in taking in a renter, think college students or foreign exchange transfers.

  • Raise Guinea Pigs and Sell Them

Raising and selling guinea pigs is a fun and profitable activity, especially if you have young kids or grandchildren. Pet stores and brokers will buy guinea pigs from you and raising them isn’t as time consuming or messy as having cats or dogs. Litters generally yield four and take about six weeks before they can be sold.

  • Rent Out Your Parking Space

If parking is scarce in your area, rent out your parking space for some extra cash. Especially if located near a stadium or public transportation, people can be very willing to pay for a safe place to park for a few hours. Make sure to write a simple lease agreement and advertise at a lower rate to attract drivers.

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