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When You Need to Take Your Health and Safety in Your Own Hands at Work

Most people like to think they are safe at work. Even if they do not love their jobs, they also don’t feel threatened by the environment. As a result, you may take health and safety at work for granted. When are some times that you really need to step up and be your own biggest advocate?


Violating Certain Codes

Many places of work have certain health and safety codes that they need to follow. This is especially true of food service establishments and schools. Perhaps a problem has been lingering at your place of work for awhile, and it could cause imminent danger or illness to the people in the establishment. You may wish to talk to the owner about the resolution for the issue, or you might have to report it.

Required to Engage in Unsafe Practices


Sometimes, bosses or owners might ask you to engage in some unsafe practices. For example, let’s say that your boss wants you to drive a bus full of children when you are not certified to drive this type of vehicle. You need to be firm when you say no because you are putting your own life and the lives of others at risk.


When Injuries Do Occur

Perhaps an injury has already occurred at work to your being. Whatever the case may be, you can often be compensated for the damages. Some people feel bad about saying that they had a work accident. However, please remember that this is why businesses have insurance. If you are unable to procure the necessary funds from the company, you may have to hire injury lawyers Mcdonough has to offer. If you do not report the incident, you could end up paying thousands of dollars to recover from the injuries you sustained.

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Threats to The Workplace

No one wants to think about an act of violence happening in the workplace. Unfortunately, too many scenarios have happened in recent years to just let these threats fall to the wayside. When a threat comes into the workplace, you have every reason to avoid going in that day or leaving. You should not have to feel as though you are unsafe at work. While you do not want to start rumors and gossip in the office, you should also not feel bad about letting other employees know that someone has threatened to attack the work space.


When You Feel Uncomfortable

For a variety of reasons, you might feel uncomfortable at work. Perhaps the staff has allowed mold to grow in the bathroom, or maybe the really old air conditioner is spitting out so many pollutants into the work environment. While you might not get a resolution right away, you should not feel bad about expressing your concerns. If a janitorial staff is in-charge of the area, you can ask them to address it. You might also need to go to human resources for some additional help.


Maintaining your health and your safety is very important, and you should not be made to feel as though these concerns are irrelevant in the workplace.

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