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White Collar Jobs That Can You Can Make A Good Living Off Of

The differentiation between white collar and blue collar jobs has narrowed over the centuries, to the point where traditional white collar workers share increased manual labor responsibilities and blue collar workers also perform desk work. Still, these jobs still differ in their primary responsibilities, with white collar jobs still largely comprising a less hands-on approach to labor. If you’re looking for a white collar job that offers a lot of benefits and a great salary, then you have several options. The following offers five great white collar jobs in which you can earn a great salary.



It might not be the most glamorous occupation, but people who enjoy math and numbers will find it to be a rewarding career. Accountants are good for more than tax preparation: Many accountants find work as auditors for the IRS and other government agencies. You might go into business on your own or work as part of a large corporation. Because the world always needs someone to balance the books, accountants remain one of the every-hiring professions. You’ll need a four-year degree to earn certification, but once you do, you can expect a prosperous career.


Actuarial Sciences

What is an actuary? Actuaries are the people who determine risk for insurance companies. Using complex formulas and statistical information, they determine how much or how little an insurance policy should be. They work closely with underwriters in the insurance business to develop coverage limits and plans. Actuarial science is another field where mathematicians excel, and it offers a particularly lucrative career. Many actuaries working for large insurance companies can earn six figures.


HR Representatives

If you enjoy working with people, sifting through hiring regulations and advising people on career paths, then consider a career in human resources. HR reps in large companies can earn very competitive pay, and with annual bonuses and plenty of extra perks, you’ll find the work to be very rewarding. Keep in mind, though, that HR reps also must counsel employees, provide disciplinary measures and attend judicial hearings. You might earn a great salary, but it’s a high-stress job.


IT Professional

In a world of rapidly advancing technology, those with a knack to learn more about network systems, software and Internet security can find a promising career in IT. Just about every business, small and big alike, employ IT professionals to help set up their company’s technology base. If you’re good with computers, then consider a career in IT. Many government agencies and large corporations value these professionals and pay them accordingly.



When you think of white collar jobs, you might not automatically think of lawyers. In reality, lawyers spend nearly all of their time in trial preparation, mediations, depositions and performing legal research. Very few spend most of their days in court. If you have a passion for justice and enjoy complex research and document drafting, then a career as an attorney may be a good option. As with HR professionals, lawyers experience high stress even if they never litigate. However, their six-figure-plus salary more than makes up for the stress of the job.



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