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4 Lessons on Productivity You Can Learn From an ADHD Sufferer

When people think of those with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), often a picture of an unruly child in a classroom unable to sit in their seat and conform to a  classroom setting comes to mind. Despite that original thought, there are many things to be learned from those with this neurological disorder. Many adults feel as if their routine/schedule is bringing them down and that’s when ADHD sufferers come into play in what can be learned from them. In particular, there are four specific concepts with which we can learn how to boost our productivity with.

1) Breaking Down Tasks

An article written by an ADHD sufferer suggests breaking down the big things into little things to optimize productivity. Perhaps to help do this the tasks can be written down or even posted in a notes app to refer to throughout the day. The app allows users to organize their thoughts in a way that is personalized to them by utilizing alerts, pictures, and pictures to help throughout the day. Breaking large tasks into small tasks can help optimize productivity and help to feel less overwhelmed.

2) No Constraints

A 9-5 job isn’t for most people and especially those with ADHD as they often have trouble conforming to a schedule. Instead, they tend to do things spontaneously and at their most creative points in the day which leads to a better quality of work as everyone seems to work best when inspired. They also do not keep track of time which may seem the complete opposite of productive. However, if they simply set certain things that need to get done in a day and don’t worry about what time they get done, as long as they DO get done.

3) Happiness

Psychiatrist and ADHD sufferer Dr. Hallowell suggests that “Most of the organizational strategies we implement fail because they’re boring.” That insists there has to be a balance of work and taking care of yourself. Therefore, those with ADHD often start the day with something that makes them happy. Maybe it’s a nice breakfast, or perhaps writing. Doing something enjoyable sets the stage for a positive and productive day.

4) Creativity

Studies and research suggest that people that have ADHD tend to be much more creative than those without it. Research shows that individuals with ADHD excel at divergent thinking tasks. For example, they tend to be able to come up with new and creative ideas for use of everyday objects. Their creativity aids in productivity because of their innovative mind’s ability to think of different solutions to getting tasks done.

Breaking the original mental image of a disorderly child or even a messy adult is important. They may have a different way of looking at things but their way of thinking can be applied in a positive manner. Their ability to think creatively and outside of the box gives leads them to learn how to manage productivity.

Through breaking things down, not conforming to society’s regular time standards, taking a page from someone with ADHD’s book might be the solution to many people’s boring routine. We can learn from those with ADHD despite their struggles. By applying the methods previously mentioned you can optimize your productivity both in your work life and in your personal life you may find that your productivity levels increase.


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