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Things to consider when choosing the best office chair to work from home

Working from home is the new normal. And it can give you more liberty. The liberty to work in your pajamas and not feel the need to wear makeup are just some of the perks. But many people are taking it too lightly. Too lightly that they just use their dinner chair or their lounge chair for work.

But will any office chair just suffice? We all know the perils of using a chair that does not meet your needs. And working from home is no different. Albeit the working in pajamas scenario, you still need to get yourself an ergonomic chair.

So we’re here to help you pick out the best chair for WFH.

What to keep in mind

Indeed, you need one with adjustable ergonomic features. But do you have to get the one with the works? Not necessarily.

Complete back support

Sufficient back support will help prevent back pain and if you already have a persisting backache, this will help you last in the chair longer. Several ergonomic chairs feature lumbar support. It can be stationary or adjustable. Adjustable lumbar support gives you more ways to customize back support. This is often more crucial for people who already have nagging pain in the back.

Some ergonomic chairs, though lacking built-in lumbar support, have an S-shaped backrest. Thus, the back support is already integrated into the entire unit. Couple this with a flexible material and it can still provide decent back support. This can be sufficient for those who already have a good posture.

But the thing is, you have to sit on the chair for several hours to be able to feel if it has sufficient back support. Every person has varying comfort needs. It doesn’t mean that a chair with an adjustable lumbar will be comfortable for everybody.

And we need to mention that aside from the lumbar support, you also have to check out the recline function, the tilt function, and the adjustable seat height. Why? Because along with lumbar support, these features will ensure that your “entire” back will be supported. So look for these adjustable features and try the chair first before buying, if possible. Or opt for a brand that offers a risk-free money-back guarantee. Because you’ll be needing some time to be certain that the chair can meet all of these ends.

Also, keep in mind that the backrest should be at least 12- 19 inches wide and it’s better if it is separate from the seat. This means that the chair is more adjustable. But in case the backrest and the seat are fused together, make sure that you can adjust the angle of the backrest. This will still make it adjustable. And opt for one with a locking mechanism. You will need this to secure the backrest and prevent it from going back too far.

Sufficient seat depth and width

Not all ergonomic chairs have an adjustable seat depth. So you have to remember this. Go for a deep seat if you are taller. And if you are petite, a shallow seat will do. And you should also be able to lay your back against the backrest but still have 2-4 inches between the back of your knees and the seat of the chair.

This will ensure that your knees are not going too forward. Otherwise, it can cause knee pain and this can radiate to your entire back.

Determine the material of the chair

When you’re in an office setup, you often have a centralized air conditioning unit. But it may not be the case if you’re at home. So the material of the seat and backrest will be very important for your comfort.

Determine where you’re going to work. Is it in an airconditioned room? Does it get too hot in the summer? Opt for a mesh material if your home office tends to get very hot come summer. Thickly padded office chairs may be comfortable and cushy. But these are not built for high temperatures. You’ll be drenched in your seat and you’ll find it very uncomfortable. Not unless you have the AC cranked full-on, then a padded office chair can still be one of your options.

Choose user-friendly office chairs

You’ll be missing your officemate who can easily hover through complicated chair adjustment options. And since you’re working from home, you’re on your own now. You won’t have somebody to show you how to adjust the seat depth or ask help if the lever for the seat height jams.

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So to spare yourself from frustration, choose an office chair with user-friendly adjustment knobs and levers. You don’t want to spend half the day figuring out how to recline your office chair, do you?

Be mindful of the caster wheels

Wheels make up for easy mobility and they can make your tasks easier. That is if the wheels will be able to slide smoothly across the floors. Not all chair wheels can slide smoothly on carpeted floors. To determine the type of flooring you have at home and check if the wheels will be able to run smoothly along with it. Alternatingly, if you bought the wrong one and cannot do anything about it, you can make use of chair mats.

Do not forget the armrests

These are often the most underlooked features in an office chair. But honestly, get a chair with a badly put armrest and you can still develop back pain.

That’s why it’s best to get office chairs with adjustable armrests because you can confirm it to your height. And this can keep your body in alignment. And that will make you more comfortable. Your arms and hands should be positioned comfortably without you slouching.

Favor highly adjustable chairs

Highly adjustable office chairs may cost you more money. But if you have the money to spend, consider buying office chairs of this kind. A highly adjustable chair will give you more options. And you will be able to get the most comfortable position for your entire body with a highly adjustable ergonomic office chair.

Stylish enough

Get an office chair that tickles your fancy at the same time. This will amp up your gusto in working. It doesn’t need to be the most premium nor the most stylish chair in the market. It can be something that matches the interior of your home office or simply something that catches your eye.

Our favorite WFH office chairs

Working from home may seem nice and all. But with the absence of a busy office set up, you might not have enough gusto to work. And to complete a conducive workstation you have to have a suitable office chair.

We have listed tips in choosing an ergonomic chair for WFH setup. And here are our favorites. We use the list source from Standing Desk Topper

Steelcase Leap- bets adjustable option ($914)

The Leap chair ticks all the boxes off our list. It is a highly adjustable chair with adjustable seat depth, seat height, recline, and 4-way arms. The lumbar support of this chair is also one of the best in the market.

And despite being a premium chair, it is very easy to use. You will not have any problems hovering through the adjustment levers and knobs. Also, the wheels are ever mobile and can glide smoothly on almost any surface.

But as we have mentioned above, a highly adjustable chair can come with a hefty price tag.

Modway Articulate ergonomic chair- Best budget

You do not have to splurge to be comfortable in your WFH setup, this Modway office chair will be able to provide a decent seating solution for your home office. It is decently adjustable with mesh material for added breathability.

This chair is also quite easy to adjust and user-friendly. Though it may lack lumbar support, the shape of the backrest and the material can still lend decent support for those who don’t have any back problems.

Herman Miller Sayl- Best stylish and adjustable ($545)

This Herman Miller chair is a fusion of function and style. This pretty chair will rev up your appetite for work. Not only is it very gorgeous, but it’s also adjustable and has a very nice back support.

This is also a good alternative for the pricey Herman Miller Aeron. And oh, it looks better so to speak.

Final Say

Keeping your focus and productivity ain’t that easy when you’re working from home. And these office chairs will help mimic that conducive working station.

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