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You Got the Job: Seven Things to Do to Keep It

You Got the Job: Seven Things to Do to Keep It

Getting the job was one thing, but being on the job means fitting into the company culture, showing up on time, and showing you can do quality work. Here are seven things to do to keep your job, now that you have one.

Be on Time

Show up for work on time every day. Start early enough to survive traffic delays and arrive promptly. That means having reliable transportation. You don’t want to risk car problems or a blow out on the way to the office. If your tires are looking worm visit a local tire shop like SimpleTire to get the best tires for your car and commute.

Work Hard

You can survive layoffs by being indispensable. Focus on getting everything done on time. When the boss hands you an assignment, follow through. Make sure the work is completed. Don’t let the task get lost in the shuffle, just because you’re bored with it.

Be Positive

A cheerful coworker is a valuable coworker. Maintaining a positive attitude will make you feel more positive on the job and help you cope better with difficult situations. Be confident in your work.


Look for opportunities to help out. Take extra time with customers. Be willing to take on extra responsibility and new projects. Step in when no one else wants the assignment. Be invaluable. Sign up for training any extra training that is offered. You’ll learn new skills and bolster your resume.

Be a Team Player

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When you interviewed, you had to demonstrate that you stood out from the crowd. Now you’re on the inside. Being a team member means making decisions for the good of the team, the client, the company and the boss. Try to get along with everybody. You will be appreciated.

Don’t Complain

Every job has its problems. Difficult people exist in every workplace. Avoid office gossip. Negative comments will get back to you. Never go online to criticize your workplace or its employees. It’s too likely that what you post will be seen by someone at work. Save your complaints for a trusted friend or family member or keep them to yourself.

Be Flexible

Do your best in every situation. Anticipate the needs of management. Offer to stay late or switch shifts if necessary. Never be the one who says, “That’s not my job.” You want to keep this job.

With today’s unemployment rate, you are lucky to have a job. Now following these suggestions will help you keep it. Cultivate a good attitude now and for the future. Not only will this help you keep your current job, but it could help you get a promotion later on as well.

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