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Pharmacy and Biotechnology Jobs

Here’s the overview and outlook for Biotechnology and Pharmacy jobs.


Biotech jobs are projected to grow between 9 and 17 percent in the 2004-14 period.

However, the increase in government research grants is expected to slow significantly through 2014, resulting in a highly competitive environment for winning and renewing research grants. Furthermore, if the number of advanced degrees awarded continues to grow, applicants for research grants are likely to face even more competition.

Currently, only about 1 in 3 grant proposals are approved for long-term research projects. Also, applied research positions in private industry may become more difficult to obtain if increasing numbers of scientists seek jobs in private industry. This may happen because of the competitive job market for independent research positions in universities and for college and university faculty.

Opportunities for those with a bachelor’s or master’s degree in biological science are expected to be better. The number of science-related jobs in sales, marketing, and research management – for which non-Ph.D.s usually qualify – is expected to exceed the number of independent research positions.

Non-Ph.D.s also may fill positions as science or engineering technicians or as medical health technologists and technicians. Some may become high school biology teachers.

Biological scientists are less likely to lose their jobs during recessions than are those in many other occupations because many are employed on long-term research projects. However, an economic downturn could influence the amount of money allocated to new research


The outlook for pharmacy jobs is very good, with 18 – 24 percent growth projected through 2014.

Enrollments in pharmacy programs are rising as more students are attracted by high salaries and good job prospects. But despite this increase in enrollments, pharmacy jobs will still exceed the number of job applicantst.

This growth in pharmacy jobs is largely driven by the increasing demand for pharmaceuticals, particularly from the growing elderly population. Other factors likely to increase the demand for pharmacists include scientific advances that will make more drug products available, and coverage of prescription drugs by a greater number of health insurance plans and Medicare.

The current emphasis among health insurers on cost control encourages the use of lower cost prescription drug distributors, such as mail-order firms and online pharmacies. If the utilization of mail-order pharmacies increases rapidly, job growth among pharmacists could be limited.

Employment of pharmacists will not grow as fast in hospitals as in other industries, because hospitals are reducing inpatient stays, downsizing, and consolidating departments.

An aging population means that more pharmacy services will be required in nursing homes, assisted-living facilities, and home care settings. The most rapid job growth among pharmacists is expected in these settings.

Pharmacy jobs for pharmacy technicians are expected to grow rapidly through 2014, as these jobs assume responsibility for some of the more routine tasks previously performed by pharmacists.

However, almost all States have have now limited the maximum number of technicians who can safely work under a pharmacist at one time. Changes in these laws could directly affect employment

Here are the top five online job sites for pharmacy and biotechnology jobs, as measured by the Alexa rating (the lower the rating, the more popular the site. See our Online Job Search page for a detailed explanation of Alexa ratings.

  • BioSpace (Alexa rating 30,400)
  • ISPE (Alexa rating 45,500)
  • BioFind (Alexa rating 107,000)
  • Bio (Alexa rating 130,600)
  • HireRX (Alexa rating 263,400)
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