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6FigureJobs Review

6figurejobs reviewsIf you are in the high wage earner bracket and are only interested in lucrative employment, then 6FigureJobs could be the ideal career network site for you. It is a site dedicated to finding its members jobs worth at least $100,000 per year. An estimated 700,000 people use the site to view suitable jobs and post their resume in a bid to impress prospective employers. As there are no jobs worth less than the six figure threshold, executives and management are the main subscribers. The site has also had the honor of being voted the ‘Best of the Web’ on several occasions by the prestigious Forbes Magazine.

There is a free membership option available to job hunters which allows them to browse the site looking for and applying to jobs worth more than $100,000 per year. You can also create a profile and post a resume that will be seen by the employers who frequent the site. There is also dedicated customer support to free members who receive an Executive Newsletter every week.

For employers, there is a basic monthly membership package that costs $576. This provides you with three job posting slots which can be reused at your leisure. You are allowed to contact suitable candidates directly with no communication barriers. 6FigureJobs will even pre-screen the candidates for you to ensure that their resume is accurate and that the candidate is eligible to participate on the site.

As the jobs on offer are so exclusive and require a high level of skill, 6FigureJobs has a stringent screening process for all prospective employees. There are a set of criteria that must be adhered to before a candidate is deemed to be acceptable:

  • Valid resume that can be verified
  • Proof of previous work experience
  • Proof that they have had a job worth more than $100,000 per year
  • Have at least 6 years of experience in their chosen field
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If you are deemed to be ‘on track’ for a $100,000 a year job, this means that you should be earning that amount from your next employment and this decision is presumably made by the site based on previous salary.

Despite the seemingly strict criteria, there are an estimated 10,000 people joining 6FigureJobs every month in a bid to find their next big payday. The fact that there is free membership at all is quite surprising given the exclusive nature of the site. Candidates have access to thousands of jobs and employers have the ability to choose between hundreds of thousands of candidate who are all ambitious and skilled. Both employee and employer are protected by the screening process and overall, 6FigureJobs does a great job connecting suitably talented executives with companies in need.

The only real criticism that anyone could make about the site is the fact that it only allows those with high incomes to enter which may be perceived as elitist. However, as the entire premise of the site revolves around linking high earners with companies willing to pay them, I doubt that 6FigureJobs cares too much about that. In terms of what it sets out to do, 6FigureJobs is a winner.

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