Menu Close Review is a site dedicated to providing information to professionals and those currently in college when it comes to finding the most suitable and lucrative jobs. Fortune Magazine referred to the site as the internet’s best place to prepare for job hunting. As well as providing rankings of employers, has a host of information including blogs relating to dozens of industries. You can also go on the message boards, find out educational information and of course, search for and post jobs.

Although the majority of information and job searches are free on, the site does offer a Corporate Gold package to employers. The Basic Membership is free and enables the company to manage its branding by finding out more about what the industry is saying about their company. They will also receive information about correct workplace practices, the issue of salary and how to recruit the right staff.

The Corporate Gold package costs $249 for 3 months or $750 for a full year. This gives a company far more detailed information including the average salaries awarded by each industry. You will also benefit from the site’s in-depth knowledge of your particular market which will give you a competitive edge.

As for those looking for jobs, would find it difficult to squeeze anymore information onto the site. This may well be one of the world’s most comprehensive career management websites. From information on finding suitable educational courses to take your career to the next level to information about internships, it’s hard to think of anything that the site has forgotten about. When you’re looking for jobs, simply enter the location where you want the job and keywords. You will be greeted by hundreds, if not thousands of vacancies. To reduce this number, simply make your search more specific.

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One of the best features on that makes it unique is its rankings system. If you find a suitable job, you can check the rankings to see if the company you’re interested in is highly rated. Choose between the various industries including law, accounting and banking. The ratings comes in various forms. You can see which companies are the most prestigious, which has the friendliest work environment and which offers the highest salary. This ensures that high quality companies are given the credit they deserve.

If you are struggling to compose a high quality resume, can help you with that too. There are dozens of articles and blogs which give professional advice on creating resumes and cover letters. There is also general job search advice, news about industries and career guides.

As you can see, has every conceivable angle covered yet it manages to achieve this without overwhelming visitors. The site is incredibly easy to navigate and has more information than you’ll ever need. If you’re having no luck on your job search, go to now and find out why you can’t successful gain employment. There is a lot of illuminating information on the site and it deserves the plaudits it has gained from Fortune Magazine.

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  1. Jobseeker

    The job listings on are from SimplyHired, which is one the gang of blunt aggregators. To apply, you need to go through SimplyHired’s system (a veritable spam machine) and onwards to the original source of the job posting, which might itself be another job board. Be wary of suggesting that its listings are comprehensive!

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