How to Handle a New Boss

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There are two times in your professional life when you’ll experience the anxiety and hope that comes with having a new boss: when you begin a new job and when your boss is the newbie. Both situations are fraught with … Continued

Phone Interview Tips

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Phone interviews are becoming a common way for employers to screen potential employees during the hiring process. Unlike traditional, in-person job interviews, phone interviews are usually fairly short, require less preparation, and can even be outsourced by the employer if necessary. These … Continued

Do You Need a New Resume?

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Maybe you haven’t updated your resume since your first job out of college—10 years ago. Or perhaps you haven’t been called in for any interviews despite sending out dozens of resumes. Those are just two of the signs that you … Continued

How to Impress a Headhunter

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One of the best resources in your quest for a new job is a professional recruiter, also called a headhunter. And despite a commonly held misconception, headhunters aren’t only for executives; they recruit everyone from truck drivers to doctors. Companies … Continued

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