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Adecco Review

adesso reviewsAdecco is a popular employment agency that is most well-known for providing temporary positions to job seekers, although they also have contract and direct hire opportunities as well. Across a majority of the country many people are still looking for some type of short-term or temporary employment. The problem is that employment ads are getting thousands of responses for position openings that used to only get a handful. As a result more companies are turning to employment agencies to pre-qualify potential candidates. Here is a detailed Adecco review to give you a better idea about whether or not they are an employment agency that could benefit you.


In total, Adecco has more than 6,600 offices globally, with a majority of them being in the United States or Canada. This company was actually the result of two smaller temporary employment agencies merging in 1996 – they were Adia and Ecco. Over the past several years they have averaged nearly 500,000 temporary positions being billed every day and provide their service to more than 145,000 different businesses. While they manage to promote openings in a variety of different industries their primary focus seems to be in several fields: industrial, office, sales, events, and information technology. In general, a majority of the positions that they fill our considered to be entry-level jobs, however they do also fill openings in the financial, legal, and medical fields as well.

Benefits of Using Adecco

If you are currently looking for employment opportunities then the largest benefit to using Adecco is that they tend to be fairly well-connected within their locales. This means that you will get access to jobs that are not made publicly available through traditional recruitment tools such as classified ads. Additionally, from the initial screening to your first day of work can be as little as a few days.

Once you have accepted a position there are a number of additional benefits as well. One of the unique tools that this company uses is there online time sheet With many temporary employment agencies, you have to fill out a physical time sheet and drop it off at the nearest location. With the online time sheet, you can simply take care of everything online. This ensures that you never miss a paycheck. Another benefit is that along with receiving a physical check and direct deposit, you can also use Citibank payroll cards. These are essentially prepaid debit cards that work similarly to direct deposit only instead of receiving the money in your bank account, you get it on the Citibank payroll card. This is particularly useful for people who either don’t or can’t get a tracking account.

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Potential Drawbacks of Using Adecco

In general, it appears that the criticisms of this company are fairly similar to other employment agencies. For example, you will have to undergo testing without the guarantee of actually getting a job. In most cases the testing will take about three hours, depending on the position you are interested in. Some people have also claimed that the job descriptions are not always completely accurate. As with all nationwide and global employment agencies the specific location that you work through may vary in terms of overall quality.

Adecco Review

Overall it appears that Adecco is one of the better temporary employment agencies in terms of both number of opportunities as well as consistency of service. While your experiences may vary based on location the feedback from previous employees seems to be fairly positive. Keep in mind, that while a majority of the positions will be temporary, you can also find temp-to-hire, contract, and full-time positions as well.

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