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CoreStaff Review


corestaff reviewsCoreStaff is a staffing agency that has become much more popular over the last several years. While there are a growing number of staffing agencies being used by local businesses, CoreStaff consistently seems to be well regarded by the clients that they work with. When looking for employment using a staffing agency can be a great way to earn some extra money while searching for a full-time job or even help you find a long term position. This CoreStaff review will give you a better idea of the potential benefits and drawbacks to working with this agency.

Overview of CoreStaff

CoreStaff was created in 1993 and is actually a combination of 12 local and regional staffing service companies. Several years ago, in 2008, they opened a global network and is considered to be one of the top 20 staffing firms in the world. They use a nationwide network of branch offices, both regional and local, which gives them the ability to maintain relationships with nationwide, regional, and local businesses. While they are most well-known for their temporary employment services, they are also gaining notoriety for their ability to provide full-time, direct hire, and temp to hire positions as well.

Benefits of CoreStaff

There are several benefits that CoreStaff has become known for. As someone looking for employment the largest benefit is there recruitment and retention methods. This ensures that once you get a position they will work hard to make sure that you are consistently employed. At the same time, keep in mind that this isn’t a guarantee of employment. Another benefit to using this employment agency is that they have a very strong core of recruiting professionals. This means that they are very strong within their specific field. As someone looking for a job this is beneficial because you will get access to people who are highly networked and up-to-date on current trends.

Over the long term, the biggest benefit is the CoreStaff online training programs that are made available to you. Once you become a registered associate you get access to a wide variety of free, self-paced training programs that can improve your skills within a variety of different software’s including: the Microsoft Office Suite, Peachtree, QuickBooks Pro, Lotus Notes 8, Seagate Crystal Reports, and Adobe Suites. They also offer a variety of professional development courses in a variety of business-related subjects including business law, marketing, finance, accounting, and communications.

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Potential Drawbacks of CoreStaff

While CoreStaff seems to have a fairly solid standing in general, there have also been some criticisms. One of the most common problems is that when you go in for your first meeting, you will likely need to complete several hours worth of tests without any guarantee of being hired. For some people this may seem like a waste of time, however it is part of their screening process. There have also been sporadic reports from temporary employees who felt that there was poor communication between CoreStaff recruiters and the businesses they are recruiting for. Like any staffing agency with multiple offices across the country, this could be an issue within a very small number of offices rather than a large-scale problem.

CoreStaff Review

Overall it appears that CoreStaff is one of the higher quality staffing agencies, especially if you get the opportunity to work through them for an extended period of time. With access to the additional online training, you can prepare yourself for higher-paying opportunities in the future even if you never actually accept a position with them, because you get access this training immediately after your first initial meeting.

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