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CareerBuilder Reviews

careerbuilder reviewsWhen it comes to getting a job everyone can use as much help as they can get and there are now many valuable online resources, such as CareerBuilder, to help you get where you want to be. CareerBuilder is a site that lets both job seekers and employers looking to hire employees come together for the common goal of getting people to work.

For employers looking to hire, CareerBuilder offers them the ability to look at potential employee resumes as well as post job opportunities. Because the site boasts over 23 million visitors every month, there is a great chance that an employer looking to hire someone, will be able to find the perfect fit using the website’s resources.

For those seeking employment, CareerBuilder has a wide array of services as well. They offer the ability to upload a personal resume where it will have the opportunity to be viewed by a wide variety of those seeking to hire.

Even if you don’t have a resume, you can still use CareerBuilder. That’s because they also offer you a way in which to build your resume using their software. All you have to do to take advantage is answer some questions and fill in some blanks and before you know it, you have a completed resume suitable for posting.

Additionally, you are able to have your resume reviewed by CareerBuilder for free. After they have a professional review your resume they will let you know if it is good ‘as-is’ or is in some need of fine tuning. Of course, the decision to keep it the same or change it up will always be yours to make.

You can also simply browse the website and see what jobs may be available to your liking. CareerBuilder offers several ways in which you can search for a job including:

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•    By Category
•    By Audience
•    By Company
•    By Industry
•    By Job Title
•    By Location

So, no matter which way you prefer to search, CareerBuilder likely has you covered.

CareerBuilder offers lots of help for free and because of that there is a drawback. There are a lot of ads and sometimes even some pop-ups that must be contended with if you are going to make use of their site. However, with all the resources that the website offers, looking at some advertising is a small price to pay, especially if it means that you may find a great paying job near you.

Another minor drawback is that their customer service access is limited to 12 hours a day, Monday though Friday. But, you can get someone as early as 8:30 am and as late as 8:30 pm so getting through shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

CareerBuilder allows anyone to enjoy the most basic features of its website absolutely free. There are several options that will allow you to get even more out of your job hunt, though you may have to pay for those. But, even the free stuff can prove extremely helpful if you are currently on the lookout for a new job.

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