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Craigslist Job Board Reviews

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craigslist job board reviewsCraigslist has fast become the source online where people go to find just about anything they are after and this now goes for jobs as well since Craigslist has a great deal of job postings on their job board. These jobs are free to view by anyone who is looking and makes for a great resource if you are in the hunt for a new job.

One of the nice features with Craigslist is that they are very user friendly. They break down areas to look for jobs by state and then by specific regions of a particular state. It is now even possible to search for job opportunities in Canada and other countries worldwide if that is your desire.

When you log onto the Craigslist website you will see the title ‘Jobs’ to the right. Under the heading will be all the various categories in which you can look for a job depending on the type of job you are after. So, if you are looking for job in real estate you would click the link that says ‘Real Estate.’

Once you do, you are taken to a page that gives you helpful tips and information on how to spot a job posting that may be fraudulent. This is important as you not only want to avoid a fraudulent job posting, but you also want to report one if you find it. Craigslist is a user-governed website so if users don’t report the abuse, then it continues to happen.

Once you read through the information you then click on the link that says ‘Continue to XYZ Job Postings’ and you then get to see what is available. You will see a job title and a general area of where the job is located and all jobs are separated according to the date in which the posting went up with the most recent postings being listed first.

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Once you find a job title that you are interested in, you can then click that link and be taken to a page where you can find out more information on the specific job. The exact information that is listed will depend on which individual and/or company posted the job opportunity. Some may have a phone number to call and others may have a link taking you to a place where you can then apply for that specific job, it really just depends.

While the Craigslist job board is very easy to use, just keep in mind that there is very little help you can get from Craigslist themselves. They seem to be a company that lets its users fend for themselves and takes a more hands-off approach which is fine as long as you are aware that there are scammers out there and that you should be on the lookout for them.

When it comes to finding a job, any help is good help. With free job boards to look through like the one at Craigslist, you too should be able to find the job of your dreams in no time at all as long as you put forth the effort.

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