Menu Close Reviews reviewsToday, is one of the biggest players in the job board industry. It boasts of thousands of jobs in different categories. Your search can be filtered based on different categories including posting date, company, city/state, keywords, degree, and years of work experience. Job seeks can also improve their chances of getting hired by posting their resumes on the website. The site charges employers and recruiters a fee to gain access to their resume database.

Tips and Tricks in Navigating through
Since Monster caters to millions of visitors, the company invested a lot of resources into making sure that their site will be able to match the requirements of employers with qualifications of the candidates. However, it is still up to the job seekers to be proactive in applying for jobs they are qualified for and cinching that interview.

If you have some concerns regarding interviewing, resume writing, or hiring, the website also has a large amount of resources that provides tips and advice for free, regardless of whether you have an account. Additional advice may be given when you join the forum. Users are welcome to start a thread about or about any other employment-related concerns.

Industry Range
As was mentioned earlier, is visited by millions of visitors each year. With this kind of numbers, you can definitely expect that the site caters to different industries. covers 55 industries that range from marketing, management, engineering, to information technology. There are also thousands of position types under these industries.
The website is highly attractive to employers and recruiters as well because it has more than 17 million people in its database. It is also quick and easy to shortlist eligible candidates from the rest of the applications on However, there are also some downsides with using such a large job board.

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For example, one disadvantage is that it becomes difficult for the site administrators to monitor spam and even scam listings. Hundreds of such listings bog down the search results of certain categories and may make valid listings difficult to find. It is important for job seekers to be aware of this risk and take precautions by doing some research about the company prior to submitting personal information.

Is for You?
Given the information above, the question now is, “Is the job site for me?” This website actually started out as a site for job seekers in the technical field in 1994. But ever since it got mainstream, around half of the 150,000 listings on Monster are in non-tech fields. Positions ranging from executive assistants to creative writers are now listed on the site.

So if you are in the tech industry, it would definitely be worthwhile to give Monster a visit. Its list of available positions is still more significant than most tech-focused job sites out there. For those who are in non-tech industries, still provides you with a good chance of landing a job simply because…well, it is so monstrous in size.

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