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Job Board Reviews

Given the high unemployment rate today, it comes as no surprise that job boards are once again on the spotlight. A lot of companies rely on job boards to fill their employment requirements while job hunters use these websites to find a fulfilling career. But the question is, “Are job boards all the same?” In this article, we’ll look into the factors you have to consider to identify which job boards are worth signing up for and which ones would just waste your time. – Become a member now and post a resume to get found by thousands of employers. Get job alert emails, apply to jobs in just one step, and much more. Read reviews.

CareerBuilder – Let employers find you in our database. Apply to jobs faster. Read CareerBuilder reviews.

Indeed – Find millions of jobs from thousands of company web sites, job boards and newspapers. Read Indeed reviews.

Craigslist – Provides local classifieds and forums for jobs in hundreds of US cities. Read Craigslist job board reviews.

Finding the Right Job Board

With hundreds of job boards in the US alone, it can be quite difficult to pick the right website. Going through all of them requires a massive investment of time and effort – things that are better spent in actually applying to a job. There are inevitably some top job boards out there which receive the bulk of job listings. But there are also some hidden gems that are less competitive and would provide you with the opening needed to land a job. So here are some things you need to look into:

•    Job Board Statistics – it is important to find out more about the job board itself, from the number of jobs that are listed, to its history, and trends. It would be helpful for you to know how you measure up to other applicants as well. The major job boards have thousands of CV’s that are searchable on their website. However, the key is to determine whether these candidates have the same qualifications you do to gauge how competitive the market is.
•    Employers that Use the Board – you’ll definitely want to go with a job board that has a reasonable number of listed employers. Aside from having better openings listed on the job board, this is also testament that the website is credible and can be trusted with your information.
•    Reviews and Testimonials – user reviews are a very useful guide in determining if the job board is actually helping people get hired. It is a first-hand account about the website’s ability to match employers with qualified employees.
•    Industry Specialization – there are many job boards that specialize in one particular field, whether in food, IT, and finance among others. Many companies that require specialized services tend to post their openings for higher-level positions on these websites. Another benefit of seeking industry-specific job boards is less competition because fewer people are aware of them.
•    Website Navigation – it is one thing to invest time in your job search, it is quite another to waste it in trying to figure out how the website works. While you don’t want to miss out on any opportunities, it is important to choose a website that took navigation and functionality seriously in designing the website.

These are just some factors that make certain job boards better than others. At the end of the day though, you’ll get a “feel” of how useful a site is after spending some time on it. Decide carefully when it comes to choosing a site you will focus your time and energy on.

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