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Resume Companion is a unique online resume builder which has been designed to make creating a professional resume simple, regardless of how much experience you have writing your own resumes. Along with a resume builder, you can also get access to a cover letter builder, business letter builder, job search engine, and the ability to track jobs that you recently applied for. Additionally, there are a number of certified resume writers on staff which you can get advice from. Here’s a closer review of Resume Companion and what it has to offer.

Overview of Resume Companion

There is both a free and paid Resume Companion service. The free service will give you all of the essential functions you need to create a resume, however you will lack full access to some of the other tools provided on the website. There are several different subscription plans that you can choose from in order to get the Pro version. The first is a short five day trial for $4.95. It is important to note that with this option your subscription will auto renew at $29.95 per month. The free trial provides you with a majority of the full feature set, but not all of them. You have the ability to skip the five day trial and subscribe directly for $29.95. This will provide you with all of the Pro subscription features. The final option is a three month subscription plan which is billed as a single payment of $68.85, which works out to $22.95 per month.

Resume Companion Resume Builder

The resume builder is definitely the cornerstone of this service. Compared to a number of other resume builders there are a few unique features which make it uniquely beneficial to use. There are four basic steps. The first is simply entering your contact information as well as a password in case you want to save your work and access it later. The next step is entering your professional experience. You start by entering the basic employer information and position title. Next you can add bullet points under each position. This is where the ResumeCompanion resume builder starts providing additional value. Instead of coming up with these bullet points yourself, you can do a search by occupation which will provide you with multiple bullet points which are commonly used by professional resume writers. In total, the database of bullet points totals more than 50,000. From there you will then enter your education and additional skills data. These sections have an area for you to add additional bullet points as well.

Along with the ability to add bullet points automatically, this resume builder offers you a step-by-step method to craft a professional looking resume within a matter of minutes. Plus, the bullet point feature that is offered will ensure that your resume has the applicable keywords that are commonly looked for on resumes within your industry. By ensuring that you have those keywords, you can dramatically improve the chances that your resume will get through the initial screening process.

Resume Companion Cover Letter and Business Letter Builder

Along with the resume builder, you will also get access to a cover letter and business letter builder. To use the services, you start by selecting your professional template, adding your contact information, and then using professionally designed templates for all of the actual content of the cover letter or business letter. The best part is that the templates are designed so that the contact information that you provide is automatically integrated within the prewritten templates.

Review of Resume Companion

Overall, Resume Companion appears to offer a very flexible yet powerful resume builder. Along with being competitively priced the unique features not only ensure that you create a professional resume but that you can do so within a matter of minutes instead of stressing over it for hours.


  1. Wayne S. Smith

    I had tried all the online resume builders. Yes, I mean ALL!. So far, only resume companion provides me the best and professional service with extreme satisfaction. I landed my interview right after using their tool and service.

    Resume companion is not only a resume builder. It is a cost effective way to enjoy their user friendly interface and the unique critique service by certified resume writer.

    In summary, I would recommend everyone that resume companion is the perfect one-stop-shop for resume preparation to land the interview of your dream!

  2. Michelle

    I would not recommend this web site. They resume that is created is not in a readable format until you pay. They make you think you are only paying $4.95 to get the resume, then end up charging $29,95. It’s just another one of those sites the hook you in and start racking up charges on your card. i didn’t even get an email from them for an account login password so I had not way to cancel my account. They don’t answer their phones, They take a week or more to reply to email, by then they have been charging your card. I ended up cancelling my card to keep from gaining more charges. Very disappointed.

  3. Jason

    I would highly recommend you stay away from these people. NOT satisfied at all. Had billing problems. Had problems with the format I needed. It wouldn’t space things correctly on the page so it left a big gap on the bottom of the page. Try something else! BOOOO!!!!

  4. C. Wright

    Although this site is helpful when it comes to making a resume.. For those who just need help in coming up with ways to describe past and current job descriptions this site is great. I did encounter a billing issue here and the staff were not very helpful or pleasant. I signed up for the trial which should have been a $4.95 charge to my account. And they charged me the monthly subscription fee which was $29.95.. They were not helpful in refunding my money back and treating me as if I had not read the fine print. Please be very careful in subscribing with this company!!

  5. perry b

    Very upset with the website. They advertise free resume templates and then not until you spend all the time, let you know you have to pay 4.95 to even use the templates. After that they start charging you 29.95 for something 99% of people do not plan to even use. Definitely false advertising. I wouldnt recommend anyone to use their site. SCAM

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