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HotResumes is a resume database service that can be used by both job seekers and recruiters. There are a variety of different functions and features based upon what you are trying to achieve by using this site. When you land on the home page, it is evident that the site seems to be primarily targeting recruiters rather than job seekers, however there are still a number of benefits that you can get if you are searching for a job. Here is the quick HotResumes review that will give you a better idea of exactly what is being offered.

HotResumes for Job Seekers

If you’re searching for job then there are a few services that stand out on the site. The first is that you will have the ability to post your resume for free. Your resume will then be added to a database which is consistently accessed by thousands of recruiters, headhunters, and employers across the country. Along with your basic information, you can also add a description of what your perfect job would be, specific certifications, a cover letter, and a full resume. Once you upload all of your information, you can then log into your account and make any changes that may be needed. This is particularly useful because it allows you to update your information as your career progresses.

You can also utilize a resume distribution service, which costs $49.99. This is done through ResumeZapper and allows you to target how you want your resume distributed based upon their own needs such as a specific industry or geographic area.

HotResumes for Recruiters

HotResumes claims to be one of the fastest-growing resume databases on the Internet with more than 1000 new job seekers per day. Access to the resume database carries a yearly fee of $399. This is for a single account which means that multiple users cannot access the database simultaneously. The flat yearly fee provide you with full access to all of the features and unlimited use of the database. Some of the highlighted features include:

  • Bookmark Resumes – which ensures that you can easily find a specific resume whenever you want to.
  • Resume Management – you can sort the resumes that you see based on a variety of filters such as industry, location, education, willingness to relocate, previously bookmarked, previously viewed, and candidates that you have already contacted.
  • Post unlimited job opportunities on the website
  • One-Click Sorting – you can sort search results based on date, relevancy, location, or education.

HotResumes Review

Overall, HotResumes seems to be a solid resource for both job seekers and recruiters. As a job seeker, there really isn’t any drawbacks since you can submit your resume for free and updated as needed. The only service you have to pay for is if you wanted HotResumes to actively distribute your resume for you. As a recruiter or employer the one time, yearly fee makes using this resume database very cost efficient. Plus, since HotResumes actively promotes its resume services to job seekers there are a growing number of new resumes available on a daily basis.

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  1. Kenneth Mertins

    To Hotresumes Management,
    I have been trying to reach you at your listed number and are connected to recording while never getting anybody, as well, I have sent you email of which I have never received a response. We have been a long time member of Hotresumes and don’t understand why we are not hearing back from you. Please contact us!!

    Ken Mertins, PRM, PMRM
    P.O. Box 27811
    Suite 218
    Omaha, NE 68127
    (402) 339-9839

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