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Frustrated job seekers looking for relief will take great comfort in the guarantee offered by JobsByFax.  They guarantee that users of their program will receive at least 10 calls in response to their resume within 72 hours of purchasing their resume faxing plan.  To a frustrated job seeker, 10 calls is miracle and will always be appreciated.

Jobs By Fax operates on the premise that a resume is more effective when seen.  While emailed resumes do sometimes generate results, more often than not they are deleted without opening.  In addition, resumes that are hand delivered are often placed into a pile with many other resumes and never carefully evaluated.  Jobs By Fax contends that faxed resumes, when properly prepared, will stand out from the crowd of resumes.  Enlisting a service to do the faxing saves countless hours since the job hunter will not have to find fax numbers and other information before faxing.

Of course, results will vary dependent upon individuals and their situations.  However, Jobs By Fax firmly believes that 1% of employers receiving a resume will call.  Therefore, candidates wishing for 10 interviews need only to send their resume to 100 companies.  Those desiring more interviews and possibilities are encouraged to send their resume to a larger number of companies.  The more companies that receive the resume, the greater the potential is for results.

Their guarantee of 10 calls applies to users choosing to fax their resume to at least 100 employers.  The resume needs to be carefully crafted and correct.  However, the site offers resume advice and tips that will help a job seeker to further hone their resume for optimal results.   If the promised results do not materialize, Jobs By Fax offers deep discounts for future faxes.  These discounts help to make continued submission of a resume by fax affordable.  As the resume is faxed to more companies, the potential for job hunting success continues to grow.

Price for this service varies dependent on the number of resumes that a job hunter is looking to distribute.  While some job hunters may feel that it is foolish to spend money on finding a job, in actuality this service will save a lot of time.  Since time is money, spending on this luxury can be a wise investment.

JobsByFax has a large database of contact information for many different employers.  It uses this information to custom select a group of applicable employers to send each resume to.  Job seekers have access to a complete list of names of companies to which their resumes have been sent.  This can help to further streamline the application process as it allows job seekers to utilize this information in their personal job search.

Job hunting can be difficult.  It requires long hours and often results in frustrating results.  Using a variety of methods in a job search will result in more opportunities.  JobsByFax is a valuable opportunity to explore.  Their clever distribution method is more effective than email since it requires that your resume be seen.  Using this service will set put a job seeker aside from their peers and increase the likelihood of employment success.


  1. Jerry Davis

    Used this service and it appears that they faxed my resume to everything and everyone with a fax number. The only response that I received was from a prison that told me that it was illegal to be sending faxes to that number. When I contacted them about this I got no response and the 29.95 they advertise became almost 100 bucks. Totally a rip off.

  2. Leni

    This doesn’t work people, please do not throw away your money. I am a highly qualified C Level Exec Assistant, and I only got negative responses, including one very rude phone message. These people are sending spam, to the companies. If anything it will put you on the blacklist, not the good one.


    Agree with the previous post, total rip off, most companies have an online application process. Unless you have inside connections, they will not even consider you for the position advertised/or not. This method might have been effective once upon a time……..but in today’s aggressive and highly competitive job market……useless.

  4. j-man

    I think that the previously posted comments are valid, but at the same time I must say THIS TOTALLY WORKS! I was skeptical at first, is this a scam? does this really work?

    but the thing is, it worked for me. twice! its probably one of those things where its more effective within certain fields, but if you’re applying for certain types of jobs then it’s unlikely to work. personally, I applied to many of the schools in my area for available teaching positions in my area and that year I was offered a teaching position at a local elementary school. it got my foot in the door at the very least, after the interview I took care of the rest. couple of days later they present me with a 1 year contract to join their staff. signed that shit. and boom! I began a career working with children. which was just what I wanted. I also had some success on a second occasion when I was gravitating towards a career working with the elderly

    JOBS BY FAX DOES WORK, but it mostly just gets your foot in the door. you must do the rest.

    personally, I love JOBSBYFAX

  5. Jim McPartland

    Absolutely horrible.

    I tried Resume Rabbit years ago and swore off this technique– who faxes these days anyway? Maybe having a database of emails– but not this.

    Someone who claimed they were “in the know” said JBF was effective for older job seekers, so try it.

    What a waste of time and money.

    40% of my “list’ went undeliverable. The rest included individual Dunkin’ Donuts. Really??


  6. datrue

    Am I the only one that noticed that 10 calls out of 100 are 10% and not 1%. If you expect a turnout of 1% and want to achieve 10 calls you would have to send the resume to 1000 people (not 100).
    I am not quite sure if there are even 1000 companies I would want to work for in my area and I live in a highly populated area (SF Bay Area).
    So if you want just any job this might be something for you. But if you have any kind of expectation and a sense of self worth you should probably rather look for an alternative…

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