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MyResumeAgent Review

When you are looking for a job you not only need to get your name out there by way of distributing your resume, but you also need to be sure that you are doing so in a timely manner and that’s what companies such as MyResumeAgent are all about. MyResumeAgent is a pay service that is designed to help you target your searching and get your resume out to those who are interested in your set of skills and save you time in the process.

The company approaches resume distribution by allowing you to select up to six different job functions and six different industries. In this way the company claims that your resume will go to a more targeted audience and thus be picked up by those who are in need of what you can provide.

MyResumeAgent works with a number of qualified job recruiters in order to get your resume out to your chosen areas. In this way they guarantee that your resume will only go out to recruiters that are in their network. This, in theory, gives your resume the most amount of wanted exposure possible.

The company is backed by another large company called Kennedy Information and this allows the company to say that they have been helping people with resumes and resume distribution for over 35 years now. Their website claims that their unique approach to resume distribution gives their clients a better way to be seen by potential employers and that their methods is up to 78 percent more efficient than the traditional method of resume distribution.

The cost for MyResumeAgent’s services is just under $50.00 and their website seems to be very straightforward and easy to use. A nice plus with MyResumeAgent is the fact that they do have an 800 number that can be called if you have any questions or concerns along the way.

MyResumeAgent is also a member of the International Association of Employment Websites. While the designation is not one that is very widely known, it is nonetheless a designation that the company holds.

The company also offers a free resume critique. To take advantage of their offer you simply have to click on the ‘Free Resume Critique’ button on the home page and an e-mail window will be brought up. You then attach your resume and in a matter of days the company will get back to you with their suggestions and tips to help you make your resume be all that it can be.

Resume distribution is the name of the game in any job hunt. While there are various methods to seeing that this happens, My Resume Agent certainly offers a unique prospective. To see how effective their services may be simply go to their website and read over some of the testimonials from their past customers. You can also read MyResumeAgent reviews listed here.


  1. chrystal

    Well, it is clear now that i am very rusty with looking for jobs. I am 28 but feel like a very old woman. I had no clue that this type of thing was out there. I found this one on and noticed no one mentioned using it yet. I am guessing and hoping its legit and very helpful. I really like that they will critique my resume for free.

  2. R W Blakeley

    I think they’re out of business. Gone. No one answers the phone at MyResumeAgent or at their parent company. But they’re still taking your money.

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