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In a blink of an eye, the world has changed. Unemployment levels are very near to where they were during the Depression Era. In this current economic environment, getting connected with the right recruiter who has real jobs in hand is more important now than ever.  When approaching your job search, you need to arm yourself with all the tools and technology available. Having the technology at your fingertips to reach these gatekeepers can help stack the odds in your favor.

This is where comes in. has been the industry standard for connecting recruiters with key job postings. Recruiting is in their DNA. They operate the largest online recruiting publication in the world, and are subject matter experts with recruiting expertise from the CEO level, to entry level positions. In a nutshell, utilizes sophisticated technology to bring the employers and recruiters together amid a network of roughly 6,000,000 employment opportunities. Their technology drives jobs from top employers, to a broad network of recruiters who put the candidates and the companies together.

Unlike traditional technology driven job sites, was built by former high level recruiters who know the industry, and know exactly how to match employers with recruiters, and recruiters with job seekers. Unlike static job boards, offers frequent job seeking advice and informational articles which can help in the job searching and interviewing process. Job seekers can also sign up to receive specified job searches, or be matched with recruiters specific to their industry. This is where stands out.

How Does Resume Posting Work?

When it comes to a broad reach, few platforms can match Through their Job Market Platform, they form a connection between the employers, recruiters, and job seekers. Employers enter thousands of jobs into the platform, which are distributed to the extensive network of recruiters. The recruiters can match these jobs with select jobseekers, or the job seekers can search these jobs outright. Their technology allows recruiters to customized, full service recruiting, particularly in select, niche fields; something that traditional job boards can not do.

There are no fees to search for jobs on Because they work as a network between recruiters and employers, fees are handled on the back end, based upon successful hires, which is negotiated between the employers and the recruiters. Because the recruiters are incentivized to hire candidates, there are no “fluff” jobs or fake postings. Every position has been vetted and guaranteed to be real, which saves a significant amount of time for the job seeker applying to multiple positions. Additionally, the recruiters may be proactive with the job seekers, and offer advice on how to adjust their resume or key information about the prospective company looking to hire, once an interview has been scheduled.

As a job seeker, the sign up process is very straightforward and streamlined.  Once you upload your resume, the technology matches it with recruiters handling positions that most likely fit your skillset. Because you are dealing with the recruiters directly, your personal email is safe from spam. Another benefit is the weekly job searching tips, industry highlights, and other relevant advice that goes beyond the professional level and provides a very real personal touch.

One thing to bear in mind. Without a quality resume, the number of recruiters looking at your resume won’t matter. With a network that reaches roughly 800,000 recruiters and employers, a poorly prepared resume will never get the attention it deserves. It’s not about how many eyeballs see the resume; it’s about getting the right resume in front of the right decision makers. With the weekly resume building tips and job seeking advice they provide, in addition to having real recruiters reviewing your resume and providing specific advice when possible, are some of the features that really sets apart from the competition. A resume updated in the best possible format, with key word optimized to gain traction will go a long way as their search technology matches your resume with the right recruiters who are compensated if you get hired, stacks the odds in your favor. is like having your own team of recruiters working on your behalf, in your best interest.

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