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Having your resume sent out to potential employers using a resume distribution service can be a great way to save time and get a boost on the competition. If there is a drawback to resume distribution it is the fact that many services simply blast out your resume to potential employers that have either no interest in your skills or that you would not be interested in working for, but there are resume distribution services such as Resume Spider that go about resume distribution in a different way.

Resume Spider is one of the elite resume distribution services available today that offer both a great price and a great service. The method behind Resume Spider is a ‘targeted method’ in which your resume only gets sent out to potential employers and job recruiters that match your specific profile and your specific resume.

Resume Spider works with over 600,000 recruiters and hiring managers from over 100,000 companies and they use their vast network of contacts to match you with those who are looking for employees with your certain set of skills. They work with many of the biggest companies in many different industries including Microsoft, Verizon, Phillips, and more.

The process of Resume Spider is simple and easy to use. You first sign up and begin create your profile. Right away Resume Spider will be matching you with potential employers based on the job and industry that you indicate your interest in.

Once you have completed your profile and you have uploaded your resume to Resume Spider they get to work for you immediately. They e-mail your resume to all those in your specific area of interest ensuring you that your resume will be landing on the desks of potential employers that you will be the perfect match for. There is no need or you to do any of the searching dirty work because Resume Spider takes care of it all. Instead you can take the time that you would normally have to dedicate to searching for potential jobs and apply it to preparing for all of the interviews you will soon have.

Once potential employers review your resume and want to contact you about a possible interview they can do so via phone, e-mail, or SpiderTalk, which is of course exclusive to Resume Spider’s website. You then set up the interviews and decide on the perfect place for you to go to work at.

It really is that easy. Using Spider Resume  will not only make sure that your resume is sent out and seen by potential employers and recruiters, but your resume will also be seen by all of the employers and recruiters that are relevant to what you want.

There are many other resume distribution services out there today, but there are few that will offer the targeted approach in the same manner as Spider Resume. The offer better results and a lower price than most resume services that are available and because your resume only goes where it is wanted, your dream job will be realized on a much faster basis.

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  1. Cindy A.

    Resume Spider sent my resume to recruiters in my field that I didnt even know about. I’ve gotten two calls and two email inquiries about my resume. No new job yet but at least the service seems to be working.

  2. Josh Powers

    Two weeks ago, I purchased Resumespider and two other distribution services suggested on this site. For the purpose of keeping this conversation positive and not going off on a rant, I will not mention the names of the other two services.

    I have received several responses from companies found on Resumespider and I’m pursuing those to the best of my ability.

    I like the resume distribution report because it tells me who and when my resume was viewed. They also have a phone number to call that a real person answers. Before I signed up, I thought that wasn’t a big deal because I assumed everybody has a customer service phone number. However, after I signed up, I had an important question about removing some companies that I didn’t want to send my resume to. Customer service at Resumespider quickly answered my question. The other resume distribution companies didn’t have a phone number, didn’t call me back or didn’t respond to my email.

    The targeted exposure of my resume and good customer service at Resumespider was totally worth the investment.

  3. Leena A

    I just signed up for it. I appreciate the ‘truth in pricing’ aka when they advertise on the web their price is $39.95, it really is unlike a lot of other sites. And they had some type of discount on the site today so the final cost was only $35.

    I’ll report back and let you know how it works for me in a few weeks.

  4. CJ Henderson

    Thanks for the job search. This made a lot more sense once I watched the videos on their site. After I signed up for a demo, I checked out some of the companies and found that they were legit. My opinion it’s worth a try for $39.

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