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Careers Plus Review

Careers Plus is a resume writing service that was started in order to help people create the strongest resume possible so that their chances of obtaining a good paying job increase significantly. Just as with any other resume writing service, Careers Plus is a pay service, but when you spend money to ensure that your resume is the best it can be, that is usually followed with you landing a good job, so the tradeoff is there provided the resume writing company you work with is a quality one.

Careers Plus has been in the resume writing business for over ten years now and they claim a 99.9 percent customer satisfaction rate on their website. If these numbers are true, that means that of the tens of thousands of people who have used their services, only a handful were unhappy with the results. The company offers services in both complete resume writing and resume editing.

With numbers like that, it is no wonder why the company offers the guarantee that they do. They guarantee that the resume they create for you will generate interviews. They are so confident in this claim that they offer you an unlimited number of revisions to your resume for 90 days. So even if you feel that your resume is not getting you the results you wish, you can have Careers Plus redo it for you until you get what you are after.

Because Careers Plus has been in the business of writing resumes for so long, they offer a wide variety of different types of resumes in which they can write for you. They offer help with:

•    Entry Level Resumes
•    Professional Resumes
•    Executive Resumes
•    Government Resumes

While each resume is different in nature, the pricing for each type of resume will be different as well. A nice feature with Careers Plus is that for each type of resume that they offer, you can click a button for pricing and other information independently of the other types so you know exactly what it is you are looking at.

Careers Plus is a member of the National Resume Writers Association and the Certified Professional Resume Writers. That means that the writers they have on staff are some of the best in the business and have been actively writing resumes for at least a couple of years.

The company’s website seems to be straightforward and the pricing is not hidden in any way. They also have an 800 number that you can call if you need any help whatsoever. Additionally, they have a live chat feature that can be used to get real time help if needed.

Careers Plus has a number of different testimonials on their website, but if you wish to consider their services don’t stop with just what the site provides. You can read the Careers Plus reviews from customers listed here. Learn more…

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  1. William H.

    Careers Plus did a wonderful job at revamping my resume. Two days after I received it i got 2 calls from different companies. I wanted to say thank I recommend their service.

  2. Amanda Scaramuzzi

    Thank you Careers Plus for all the hard work. I submitted my resume for an internal position with my company yesterday, and immediately after they called me for an interview and I got the job! I chose the right service, that\’s for sure. I would recommend to anyone.

  3. Christine

    After looking into numerous services and even talking with a salesperson prior to giving Career Plus any money; I was still very disappointed in the service I received. The resume was very boilerplate and sounded like every other sample resume out on the web. I was told I was going to speak to a writer prior to writing the resume but the writer contacted me after he said my resume was done. I made some suggestions, but the writer refused to listen. I found the writer to be argumentative and unpleasant to deal with.
    My two cents; don’t waste your money here!

  4. Alex Miles

    Fully agree with Joe k., I am very impressed with their skills for the price point. The resume came out great. Im going to highly recommend you.

  5. Matthew Burns

    After spending 11 years in logistics, I needed a career change and contacted Careers Plus Resumes. The resume they produced was exactly what I needed to transition into a new field. Within 3 days I had several calls for interviews and today I just got hired for a management position. I had to leave a review. Thank you Careers Plus writers!!

  6. Chris

    Similar to others I was very unsatisfied with Careers Plus. I was told I would speak with the writer. They made one attempt to call me. I returned the call only to find there is no way to reach them by phone unless they call you. I was then provided with a finished resume having virtually zero input. They made every attempt to avoid having to make any changes. I also found them to be very argumentative, impolite, and unprofessional. The emails they send you do not even include an individuals name. Ultimately I ended up with a cookie cutter resume full of generic nonsense that only very loosely reflected my actual skills/experience aside from the work experience section I provided them which they included virtually unchanged. Do yourself a favor and save yourself the headache by looking elsewhere.

  7. David M

    Yes, they were quick but I felt as if the resume and cover letter I received was created from a boilerplate form and was full of canned language. Very little, if any, original thought went into my resume. It was like a form letter…..they pressed option # 1 for sales professionals. I may be wrong in my assessment, but I was not at all impressed with their service. I would not use them again.

  8. Eric

    I had a very similar experience with Careers Plus as Chris. They basically took my original resume word for word, reduced the font and reformated it with some color. When I asked for some basic wording changes they simply cut and paste my e-mail without reading the content. My revised resume actually had the words “change to” from my e-mail request. When I asked to speak with someone about this I got a call from a very unprofessional person name Timothy. He began yelling and told me that they would not change the resume nor would they refund my money. My advice is to stay away from this company. I plan on filing a BBB claim.

  9. Ivonne

    I am using them now. Customer service has been horrible. I made several calls and sent several emails to get things rolling. I received one call back from the writer to discuss my resume. He left a message that said the resume I submitted was well written, but just needed to be tweaked to flow better. I was very pleased with my final resume. That said, my cover letter has not been a great experience. I just didnt care for it. I commented about different areas I thought needed attention and I received a rude email back from “support”. My writer listed his name only once as “Drew”. So I have no idea who is really writing my cover letter. If you are okay with very poor customer service and are not in a huge rush…I recommend them for resume editing. In my case, I gave them a lot to work with so they didn’t start from scratch. I give them an “D” for the cover letter. I probably won’t use it.

  10. ND

    My writer’s name was “Drew.” After I received my 1st draft, I sent in additional experience, which they failed to add. The cover letter and thank you letter seem to written by someone who’s not an English language speaker. Example from thank you letter, “My … background and expertise will contribute to the progression of the information structure, in which case you decide to allow me the honor.” I can’t use this or the cover letter.

    Money wasted on this service.

  11. Todd

    Like several others here, I was very disappointed in the overall experience. The draft resume I received was very weak. It was filled with canned verbiage and absolutely a standard form cut and paste. For 5 weeks I tried to have my scheduled interview which never happened. They are very unresponsive and unprofessional and I must advise others to consider a different agency. Now to dispute the charges….

  12. Audrey

    I agree with the other posters above, Their customer service is horrible and their resume writers are very rude. I was disapppointed with my resume and the money back guarantee is a joke. They are quick to argue with you when you try to make changes to your resume and I definitely would not recommend this company to anyone.

  13. My Resume

    Careers Plus Resumes told me to come to this site and leave a review, so that is what I’m doing. I had a very positive experience with this company. They helped me create a new resume that has already landed me 3 interviews this week! I would recommend to anyone.

  14. DB

    Careers Plus resume is NOT a reputable company!!! Beware! They basically use a template anyone can get off the web—nothing is customized and when you try to resolve it they avoid or argue with you! Save yourself the trouble!

  15. Kevin

    I just looked over the resume Careers Plus wrote for me and it is amazing! I have so many qualities, experience, and a great work ethic, but I am horrible at resume writing or anything of the nature. I could never have done as great a job as they have. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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