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DreamResume hires only the best writers with industry experience, provides personalized one-on-one support, and is fast and affordable. All services include a money back guarantee.

Dream Resume Review
Everyone wants to create the best resume, in hopes that they can use it to land their dream job- or at least a job in general. There is no doubt; resumes are difficult for most people to write. Keeping this in mind, wouldn’t it be nice to have a professional resume writer create your next resume? Of course it would be! There is now a company, known as Dream Resume, which uses professional resumes writers, along with other technology, that will help you create the most effective resume for a small price.

Dream Resume Services
As mentioned above, Dream Resume specializes in creating custom resumes for all of their clients. In addition to creating resumes, Dream Resume also offers a variety of other services to its customers. The services include writing: cover letters, follow up letters, referral contacts letters and things like online resume distribution services.

Dream Resume Experts
Dream Resume services separate themselves from any competition by using only the best and most qualified experts to create resumes. This team of resume experts have college degrees and most have their Master’s degree. The creators of this company believe that their services are only has good as their writers. You will know that an expert is helping create your resume because the company allows you to work one-on-one with the expert they have selected for you. Keep in mind, your Dream Resume will always be created from scratch. This means that there are not generic templates used to quickly generate resumes.

Pricing and Guarantee
Before you even look into the costs of the Dream Resume services, you should note that you will always get your money back if you are not happy with any service. You will see an initial draft of your resume or other type of document and then be asked if you would like to move on. If you choose to stop the service your money will be immediately sent back to you.
There are three different types of resume packages that the company offers: student/entry level, professional and executive. A student/entry level resume will cost you about $149 and the cover letter costs about $39. The professional resumes and cover letters run about $200 and $50, respectively. Be prepared to pay about $300 for an executive resume and $60 for an executive cover letter.

User-Friendly Process
The process required to create your resume with the company’s services is quite simple. You start the process by choosing and purchasing what service package you want. Next you fill out a questionnaire relating to the information that you want include in your cover letter or resume. The resume experts will then send you an initial draft and you will collaborate with your expert from there.  You final resume will be sent to you in a variety of different forms, including a Word document, an ASCII document and a PDF document.

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  1. Matt Davis

    I was extremely satisfied with the resume that Dreamresume provided for me. It was an executive resume, and he provided the service in a very professional manner. I think anyone would benefit from using their services.

  2. Moira Parsons

    highly recommend dream resume’s services. I looked at dozens of websites, called many of them and from the get go, you folks were polite, professional, and extremely helpful.

    More importantly, I GOT RESULTS! I had called and left a message with a recruiter for a job opening I really wanted but had not heard back. You crafted a resume and cover letter for me in a pinch, i emailed it and the recruiter called back the very next day. Ended up getting the job.

    I will be recommending them to everyone I know who needs your type of services.

  3. Tom F

    Used two other online resume writing services in the past 7 years with satisfactory results. Just tried based off a friend’s reccommendation and was amazed. Writer worked with me on multiple drafts, knew my industry and even gave me career advice. Very impressed with the level of service and quality of the end product.

  4. Teresa

    I find it pretty hard to write about myself. So when it came to writing my resume and cover letter I knew I needed help! Fortunately I found Dreamresume. My writer Greg knew how to describe my experiences so that they really highlighted my strengths. I only graduated from college 2 years ago, so I have really limited experience, but Greg was able to add so depth to my bullet points. He was also really responsive, understanding, and knowledgeable. I am receiving great feedback and landing lots of interviews!!! No way I could have done it without him. I definitely recommend Dreamresume. Ask for Greg.

  5. Ryan C

    Completely agree with Teresa: DreamResume helped to better voice my strengths on paper which proved more effective than my previous resumes. I was partnered with a writer who really knew my industry which I saw as a huge benefit compared to other resume writing sites I’ve tried before. Great service and extremely professional. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

  6. Kyle

    I was very hesitant at first to use an online resume writing company given the amount of writers that are out there. However I was running into writer’s block for my resume and needed the help. As it turned out Dream Resume did an excellent job of writing me a professional resume and provided an outside perspective to my career that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. I’d recommend them to any professional looking to update and enhance their resume.

  7. Dave

    I give Dreamresume a 10/10!

    The writers are fantastic. They are very well educated (my writer was a phD), and focus on giving you exactly what you want. You’ll get paired up with a writer based on your level of experience and industry, so the whole process is very customized and personal.

    I had my executive resume written a few weeks ago and had them distribute it for me, I got 3 interviews in 2 days for jobs that were closely matched to my ideal job.

    I’d highly recommend Dreamresume, the resume can easily pay for itself and the customer service is superb.

  8. Shaun

    Here is my experience with dream resume. I called them and they immediately put me on hold without even letting me say a word. After about 7 minutes on hold they came back on the line and hung up on me. About the review HOW THE HECK SHOULD I KNOW THEY HUNG UP ON ME!!!

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