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Employment 911 Review

Employment 911 is much like the rest of the resume writing services that exist today in that their primary goal is to have you retain their services so that they can write and distribute your resume for you. While this will obviously cost money, Employment 911 does offer free resources that you can use regardless of whether or not you give them any money.

Employment 911 has been in business since 1998. The resume service claims to have a 93% success rate when it comes to writing job-winning resumes. All their professional resume writers are certified through either PARW or CPRW. With so many years in the resume writing business you would assume that they have their act together and although they seem to be useful, a definite con to their name is their website. The design is less than stunning and the navigation can sometimes be a bit of a trick, but a website alone does not make a company.

Another drawback with Employment 911 is that you cannot call them directly. They do however offer a live chat help line so you can generally get the help you need in a somewhat timely manner. They also offer e-mail contact, but response time with e-mail can and will vary greatly.

Employment 911 offers a free membership and one nice feature with the company is that you will not be mislead to pay for something that you don’t want. You can also find a free trial for their services if you poke around the web, though presently the free trial is not on their actual website.

Along with resume writing, Employment 911 also offers resume distribution. This is important if you have been out of the job hunt for some time and your resume needs to be put into the hands of headhunters and HR personnel. Again, this will cost money, but it may be worth it if it leads to job opportunities you wouldn’t of had otherwise.

Employment 911 also offers a guarantee that is posted right on their front page. They say that if you don’t get more interviews as a result of their help then they will refund your money to you.

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  1. Mary

    It was my first interview in 28 years and I am happy to say I got the job. I would recommend their service to anyone who needs a resume. Great job!

  2. Marisa

    I could not recommend this service to a friend or colleague. I do not believe I got my money’s worth for the content of the cover letter and resume. I agree that it is a definite improvement of my old resume and cover letter; however, there were many sections that were written weakly and I had to revise multiple times. Also, my resume writer was almost defensively disagreeing with how I wanted my resume to sound. This is not the service that I expected. Please look elsewhere. I would not use this resume service again.

  3. Anonymous

    I paid for resume on wednesday and have not received any kind of response from them for 6 days.
    would NOT recommend

  4. John Reichart

    I recommend this service to anyone who is in need of a professional rewrite of their resume. After a week of sending out numerous copies, I landed 3 interviews and a week later was hired. I was very nervous about writing my resume myself. The writer was very helpful and brought out my key strengths, which is where I flawed greatly.

  5. Lars

    Employment 911 resume writing service is terrible and I would not recommend them to anyone seeking to have a well written federal resume for any position GS11 or higher. I paid extra money to have my resume and KSAs written for a GS13 position, and what I got in turn was my own (original) resume converted to text file to be uploaded into a database. No changes were made to the resume!! In addition, they did not write the KSAs for me saying that they were part of the resume.

    My experience with them was horrible and it was a complete waste of money. I never did get the interview, and they never performed a rewrite of my resume… I would go back to them anyway!!

    if you are serious about getting a federal job, stay away from Employment 911!!

  6. Never Again

    Do NOT spend your money!!! Go anywhere else but here!!!
    RIP OFF!!! Basically spruced up (in WORD) exactly what I sent them. I easly could have done it myself. Terrible customer service, very nice when after your money, very rude once they have it. When you call it sounds like they are working out of someone’s basement. Go somewhere else!

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