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The Great Resumes Fast professional resume writers will work one-on-one with you to develop a resume document that will secure interviews. Service includes a phone consultation and a satisfaction guarantee.

Great Resumes Fast has quickly built quite a reputation for themselves.  They seem to carry an a fairly solid reputation among online forums and reviews and seem to offer solid services and a solid guarantee.  However, just like every other resume writing service out there, it is important to understand what exactly they are offering and how it could be of benefit to you.  Here is a straightforward Great Resumes Fast review to help you get a good idea of what they are all about.

Overview of Services

Many people don’t realize it, but Great Resumes Fast actually offers several services, not just a resume writing service.  Here is a quick overview of each service, along with prices.

•    Resume Writing – They offer resume writing services for 4 specific career levels: Professional $349-$549 (2+ years of experience but not senior management, doctor, lawyer, or business owner), Executive $449-$699 (15+ years of experience and previous senior management experience), Federal/KSA $399-$499 (seeking federal employment or military to civilian transition), CV/Academic $449-$649 (CV writing for people who are in the scientific, academic, and international job market).

•    Resume Analysis – You can get a detailed evaluation of your resume and cover letter.  Along with the evaluation, you will also get a copy of their scoring system which is used to determine how well your resume will be received in the marketplace.  This service is $45

•    LinkedIn Profile Development – LinkedIn has proven to be one of the fastest growing professional social networking sites on the web.  This makes having a professionally branded profile very useful.  This service is $195

•    Additional Services – There are a number of “Add On” services that can be attached to your resume package.  These services include: Reference Sheet $99, Cover Letter $99 – 3-Pack $179, Web Resume $195, Thank You Letter $99, Resume Distribution $99, Venture Capitalist Resume Distribution $350, Exclusive Executives Only Recruiter Distribution $200, and the Global Executive Recruiter Distribution $225.

The Process

Now that you have an idea of the services that are offered at Great Resumes Fast, here is a look at how the process works.  For this example, we will assume that you purchased a full resume package that includes: resume, cover letter, thank you letter, and resume distribution.

Once you place your order, you will receive a phone call in order to schedule an in-depth phone consultation.  Each consultation will last between 1 hour and 2 hours, however some may last longer.  From this consultation, they will create your package.  The normal turnaround for the package is between 3 and 5 days, however you can pay a premium fee for a rush delivery.  Rush deliveries are carry a 24 hour turnaround time.

Once you have the draft, you will have some time to review it.  Next, you will have another scheduled call in which you can discuss any revisions or edits that need to be made.  Once the final copy is approved by you, you will receive all of the documents in 3 formats: Word, PDF, and Plain Text.


Here are some quick highlights about the company itself and its practices to give you a better idea of what they are all about.

•    Certified Professional Writers – The writing team is actually former HR professionals.  Plus, on every project, there are actually two writers instead of one.  This ensures that everything is covered and done correctly.
•    Personalization – It is rare to find a service that will actual spend several hours talking to you before they create your resume.  This level of personalization is not only why they have been so successful, but also why many people agree that their prices are more than justified.
•    Guarantee – They offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee in which you get 60 full days to request revisions.

Learn more and order service from Great Resume Fast.

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  1. Charles

    Jessica and Megan were awesome they worked with me through the whole process. It was simple, fast, easy, and I am having GREAT feedback from my new resume already!

  2. T.A.

    I had been unemployed for 5 months, and was getting so desperate. I didn’t know what to do. So I called and they worked with me one-on-one to create a resume that ultimately got me three job offers! For months I had no interviews, and then all the sudden I had 5 interviews within 2 weeks. I am just so grateful, and I want to tell everyone.

  3. Brian

    Jessica is a detail oriented professional who has a great depth of knowledge regarding resume creation and career management guidance. As an 18-year industry professional I had not updated my resume for some time. When I needed to get back into the workforce I found my resume was not working for me…I had initially turned to much higher-priced services -but still found significant barriers. Jessica was able to suggest a fresh approach that not only emphasized my strong selling points, but provided a feature-laden resume that was formatted to work effectively with latest HR selection criteria. Jessica was patient, supportive and an awesome resource….. and the services provided by her company are significantly better value than anything else that I have found. I would highly recommend Jessica\’s services to anyone in need of a resume overhaul or career management guidance.

  4. Susan M.

    I wanted to thank you for helping me re-position myself through a new resume that I desperately needed. When we first spoke, I knew you sounded very knowledgeable and confident that you could help me even though we only spent about an hour on the phone. I didn’t expect you to produce the best resume I have ever seen in 4 days. Sending me job descriptions of where you thought I would fit was brilliant, and I even applied to some of those jobs after I got my new resume. I have seen testimonials before but this is the truth. Within 3 weeks of sending out my new resume and cover letter, I had 4 phone interviews with serious company’s for consulting jobs, and I never did consulting before. You highlighted my transferable skills and the phone started ringing. I have now completed 3 of the 4 phone interviews and all 3 are moving forward. One of them is with a large, well known global business services company.

    I really have to give you credit. You were able to bring out my most valuable skills and make me shine. This is the first testimonial I have ever done but you were spot on and whatever happens with these jobs, I know more will be coming.

  5. Dean Carter

    Atlanta, GA (May 2010)

    Thank you very much for your hard work over the last week. The improvements to my resume are nothing short of amazing. I am very appreciative of the knowledge, skills, and sense of humor you brought to this task.

    I have already talked with several colleagues about my positive experience with Great Resumes Fast in general and you in particular and I will certainly continue to do speak well of you both.

    I wish you all the best and I thank you again for all of your efforts on this document that is so crucial to my professional life.

  6. Diana

    Very disappointed w/ Great Resumes Fast; I keep telling the writer assign to me to add spice to the resume highlights and she keeps coming back without an update and I ended up doing the revisions myself including the fonts and layout. I submitted it to her for final review and she refuses to work w/ me saying all the work on her end was done and finalize and that it will require more money if she does more work. Its a total bogus false advertisement in their website of 100% satisfaction guarantee. I will NOT recommend them to my friends or colleagues.

  7. anonymous

    I ordered the Professional resume service and at first I must admit I was surprised by the look of my resume. However, you cannot go by looks, you can only go by call-backs, and with GreatResumesFast resume I was not getting any? Main problem? They set me up with a 2page resume. Again, it looked nice on paper, however, most HR people told me they dont bother looking at 2 pagers unless you have 20+ years experience or more!!!

    I went back to a Masters format and now I get call backs. Overall, not worth the money. Check out USC MBA guide (OR any business school mba guide) as they have the “standard” format that HR reps look at. Of course, if you can get past HR, hooray….but most will not.

    My background? > Banker w/ 8yrs experience, Masters in technology, and professional financial certs.

    Not worth the $$$$$$$$$$

  8. Kevin

    This is a terrible resume service. They state “satisfaction guaranteed”, but that is untrue and dishonest. These folks will hedge when you ask for your money back, change a couple of things in your resume and then claim they rewrote it. They “guarantee” interviews, but again, that is untrue. My suggestion is to hire any other resume writing service other than this company. It is a scam.

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