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Here’s Why You’ll Love TopResume (2024 Review)

If you were going off to battle, you would make sure you armed yourself with the very best gear possible to succeed. The same can be said when it comes to looking for a new job. In this current economic environment, getting your resume in front of the key decision makers is paramount to landing the job of your dreams! Having a team like TopResume at your side helping you craft the proper resume to tell your story is the edge you need to stack the odds in your favor. At JobGoRound we’ve worked with dozens of resume writing services over the years. Take a look at our TopResume review, and you’ll soon love them as much as we do.


TopResume has been around for nearly a decade, and was launched under a simple premise; crafting superior resumes and providing valuable career resources at an affordable price. With the average time of a job search taking roughly 20 weeks, statistics have shown that a professionally written resume could result in an almost 40% better chance of being reviewed by key decision makers, 30% chance to land an interview, and a 40% better chance of getting hired, versus doing a resume yourself. With those odds, and the cost of being out of work, why wouldn’t you invest in yourself?

This is especially true if you have a niche career or industry specific type of search. The way your resume is formatted determines whether it is picked up by the scanning software that recruiting professionals use to sort through the hundreds of resume they receive. Without a professionally detailed and written resume, you may wonder why you were never contacted for a position, and the answer could simply be it never got in front of the right set of eyes. This is where TopResume really shines!

How Does TopResume Work?

There are three levels of plans, ranging from $149, to $349. They each cover the most basic and necessary services. First, you get a professional writer, to construct your resume. They properly format the resume to insure that it is contemporary and will resonate with reviewers, and finally, they make sure that it is keyword optimized. This gives you the advantage of passing through resume tracking software and having key aspects of your resume highlighted.

For the next level of service, TopResume will construct a cover letter, which is key to succinctly conveying who you are, and getting your resume reviewed by a hiring manager. This level of service also comes with a 60 day guarantee that you will receive an interview. For the premier level, you are getting executive level writers constructing your resume. People who know your industry and know exactly how to customize and optimize your resume. Along with the cover letter and the 60 day interview guarantee, you get one more level of key service; a Linked In profile makeover. With over 97% of employers reviewing your Linked In profile, having it professional presented could be the key difference between winning a job and losing to a better presented candidate.  While the initial price may seem steep, the goal is saving you time and presenting you in the best light possible. Only you can decide the appropriate investment in yourself and the future.

Once you have signed up you will collaborate with your resume writer confidentially via email. Within a week, they will return a draft of an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) optimized resume, designed to meet the ATS software that recruiters rely upon. The majority of resume writers are either certified career coaches or recruiters, not random freelancers like other sites. They understand the nuances of what is needed to attain job search success. The entire process from draft to final version takes roughly two weeks.

The TopResume website offers multiple articles and links on career coaching and webinars to enhance your resume and job searching techniques, all included with any package. Without a quality resume, the number of job sites your resume hits doesn’t matter. It’s not about how many eyeballs see the resume; it’s about getting the right resume in front of the right people. If it is not properly formatted and optimized, you are wasting your opportunities and working against yourself. TopResume is a worthy ally to have on your side to ensure you are properly prepared for the job hunting battle.

Check out the customer reviews of TopResume on Trustpilot for yourself, and you’ll see how much other people have loved their service also.



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