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Easy, powerful and complete resume software that gives you the advantage: Step-by-step wizards with 30 professional designs to help you write a better resume. Over 150,000 recommended resume phrases covering careers from every industry. 750 sample resumes and cover letters written by professionally certified writers. Get Insider Tips and Advice from career experts on resumes, cover letters and more. Innovative technology and exclusive features you won’t find anywhere else!

ResumeMaker Review

ResumeMaker has a line of software that is designed to help you create a winning resume in a matter of minutes. The company states that creating a resume using their system takes only a few minutes and is extremely easy to accomplish. They also state on the home page of their website that they have been the number one selling resume software for over 10 years now.

The way that Resume Maker goes about helping you create a resume is an approach that is becoming more known in the resume building industry, but is still relatively unique. ResumeMaker has over 1,200 resume samples that have been written by professional resume writers and the first step in their process is to have you select one of these samples. The sample you select will serve as your structure and contain much of the vital information that potential employers want to see on a resume.

Next you choose from pre-written phrases that were also written by the same professionals that work for ResumeMaker and then fill in the phrases where appropriate on the sample resume. The end result should be a professional looking and sounding resume where there was little writing on your part involved. This way of creating your resume will supposedly only take you a few minutes of your time and is designed to be relatively painless.

ResumeMaker does not stop with only helping you create your resume and they have many tools that are all geared towards helping you find and land a great paying job. There most unique tool that they have in their arsenal is their social networking distribution of your resume. Using Twitter, FaceBook, and LinkedIn, ResumeMaker is able to get your completed resume out to their vast network and this in turn will hopefully garnish some attention for you.

Resume Maker also has a way for you to practice interviewing using a series of videos. These videos are meant to simulate an actual interview and will help you to be better prepared when you walk into a potential employer’s office.

Another useful tool that comes with ResumeMaker is a salary and a cost of living calculator. By using this calculator you can see exactly what you should be getting salary wise with the new job you are looking over. According to the company, this gives you a distinct advantage when salary negotiations begin.

ResumeMaker has a toll free number that can be used to reach customer support if you hit a snag anywhere along the way. While the access to the 800 number is nice, they are only available for a limited number of hours per day which can be frustrating if you need help after hours, but at least there is some level of customer support.

Depending on the type of resume in which you need to create, your payment to use ResumeMaker may vary and their services start at $29.95 for the first year. However, you can renew your yearly subscription for only $5.00 so the next go around with the company is not that costly.

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