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Resume Builder Reviews

Your resume is one of the most important documents you can ever have, especially if you are on the hunt for a well paying job. And using a resume builder is an affordable means of creating a high quality resume. Compare user reviews of the best resume builders.

Overall Rating Resume Builder Service Lowest Price Resume Builder Service Summary User Reviews
Pongo Resume $14.95
All the tools, templates, and support you need to write professional resumes and cover letters, ace tough interviews, and secure a great job. More…
Resume-Now $4.95 Choose from hundreds of expert-written examples – no more writer’s block. No risk; no obligation, Free trial. review[Rating:4.5/5]
Resume Companion Free Professional resume templates and phrases make it easy to use. No registration required. More… review[Rating:4.5/5]
ResumeEdge $29.95
The ResumeEdge online resume builder guides you through the resume creation process step by step. You’ll have a professionally styled resume in no time. More…
Easyjob $29.99 The Easyjob Resume Builder creates a personalized resume and cover letter for specific job ads. It also writes different resume formats depending on your situation. More… review[Rating:3.8/5]
Amazing Resumes $39.95
The name says it all. Create an amazing resume in just 10 minutes that is guaranteed to get you interviews. More…
TheResumeBuilder $15
Create a professional resume in less than 10 minutes. More…
resume builder review[Rating:3.0/5]

Your resume is one of the most important documents you can ever have, especially if you are on the hunt for a well paying job. It is the exact tool you need to promote your skills, qualifications and experience to get you noticed by the right people and the right companies. In short, your resume is your first step to landing that job.

Which is why it is of the utmost importance that your resume is well written and interesting. You want the people who are in charge of hiring to come away with a good impression of you just by reading your resume – enough to get your foot in the door.

Regrettably, building a good resume is one of the things that jobseekers take for granted. Not a lot of people know what makes a good resume or how to write one that will effectively result in an interview.

It’s a good thing though, that for those who are not fond of writing their own resumes or are not satisfied with the resumes that they write, there are resume builders available to help them create effective resumes.

Choosing a Resume Builder

Crafting a resume gets easier because of the availability of a number of resume building services. However, not all resume builders are created equal, nor will they all deliver exactly the results you need. To guarantee greater satisfaction in the resume building service that you will eventually get, it is best to review your options and choose wisely. Here are a few things to look for when choosing which resume builder is right for youl:

1. Effectiveness – you want to choose a service that will create an effective output, namely that the resume you are paying the service to provide you with is one that will get you noticed by prospective employers.

2. Value – check your expectations. Are you getting the kind of resume that you expect for the money that you invest?

3. Support – one of the most important things you can expect to get from a good resume building service is support. Make sure you pick a provider that gives you an extra hand when there’s something you need help with, or if there’s a particularly challenging aspect of the resume building process that you want to be guided with.

Resume Builders Reviewed

To give you an idea of what resume building services are out there and what critics have to say about each one, we’ve scoured the Internet for reviews of prominent names in the business. Here is a list of resume builders and their accompanying user reviews.

• Pongo – Pongo has an organized website allows greater ease of use for clients. Aside from a commendable resume building service, they also have a good resource center of articles and essays on resume writing tips.

• ResumeEdge – though it offers great options for creating resumes and offers thorough and professional services, ResumeEdge is pricier than its counterparts and may be a little out of range for those on a tight budget.

• Easyjob – a good choice, Easyjob has over 25,000 templates to choose from and a rich database of resume resources that will help customers create the perfect resume. They have an extensive FAQ page that offers support to customers looking to get a helping hand.

• Amazing Resume Creator – this service claims to guarantee your new resume will result in interviews. Their website is not as user-friendly as others and they don’t provide as many resources as necessary for clients to be able to get the resume that they ought to be getting.