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A resume distribution service takes your resume and emails it to both recruiters and job boards for you. Though they are an industry that has just begun, resume distribution services have reached great popularity in the few years since their inception. Though resume distribution services do cost money, those who use them find that it is more than worth it for the overall convenience and end results of the service.

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Instead of having to enter the same information about yourself over and over again on multiple job board websites, with multiple recruiting services, and other job sources, a resume distribution service will do it for you. Above is a list of resume distribution services and the features they offer. We have also included reviews from those who have used the services themselves. The distribution services above are ones that we have used and have found to be convenient and helpful to a job search.

How Resume Distribution Works

Whether you wrote your resume yourself or hired a professional to write it, you have invested time or money in the process. Such an investment means that you will want to distribute your resume in the most effective way possible to attract the attention of potential employers.

There are a few different ways that you can distribute your resume. You can distribute your resume for free, or you can pay a small fee. There are also time differences depending on the method you use for resume distribution. Before deciding how you are going to go about getting your resume to employers consider the pros and cons of the different ways of distribution that are available to you.

Manually Searching for Jobs

The Internet and the number of job boards available on it have changed the way that people search for and apply to jobs. Many people still manually apply to individual jobs and job postings that are of interest to them, though. Employers still use newspapers and other print publications to advertise jobs, but posting classifieds online is often free. For this reason, online job boards are very popular for both job seekers and employers alike.

-You can apply to specific jobs that interest you.
-Every application you send out can be customized for that specific employer.

-Manual job searches take up a lot of time.

Using a Recruiter

A job recruiter is someone who searches for and hires people for open positions at certain companies and organizations. Most recruiters are specialists for one field or industry so that they are better able to focus on finding quality applicants but also new positions that are open for applicants. By giving your resume to a recruiter, they will be aware that you are available for these positions they know about and though it may take some time before they call you, you will know that your name and resume is out there.

-Recruiters are a couple of steps ahead on finding out what positions are opening up.
-Once a recruiter has your resume, they will do some of the footwork of the job search for you.

-In order to have the best results possible you will need to widely distribute your resume to many different recruiters.
-It can be nearly as time-consuming of a process to find recruiters as it is to do your own job search.

Attending Job Fairs

A job fair or a career fair is basically a conference or meeting where many different employers and job seekers gather and share information. You meet potential employers, speak with them about positions, and hand out as many resumes as you can. If you attend a job fair be sure to have a substantial number of resumes with you.

-You will be able to meet and speak with dozens or hundreds of employers in one place.
-Potential employers immediately get a sense of your personality, and you can communicate better with them in this face to face environment.

-The number of resumes you will distribute is limited to those employers who are at the job fair.
-Often, job fairs can be very crowded, stressful, and even intimidating for individuals.

Posting Your Resume

Many job seekers approach their job search by making it easier for potential employers to find them through job boards. With the internet, the number of job boards available has skyrocketed. Sites such as and career are two popular places for people to post their resumes. Even Craigslist has a section for job seekers to post their resumes. Specialized sites that are geared toward certain fields are industries are also available.

-The majority of job boards and websites are free for job seekers.
-You are able to encourage potential employers to find you and offer you a job.

-Job boards, especially those that are not tailored to a particular field, can have up to millions of resumes posted on them.
-Resumes posted online generally have a lower success rate than resumes distributed using other means.

Using Resume Distribution Services

A resume blast is the method of distribution that is used by a resume distribution service. Resume blasts send out your resume to hundreds, even thousands, of potential employer and job recruiters. However, this is done without any thought to particular fields or industries. Services that use this method will usually charge a fee before they send out the resume blast. Recruiters, on the other hand, get paid only upon filling a particular position or job.

-Hundreds, even thousands, of employers will receive and see your resume at the same time.
-It takes much less time than a traditional job search.
-It is a good method for recent graduates or people looking for any job at all, as every industry and career level will receive your resume.

-It is you, the applicant, who must pay out of pocket for this service.
-There is little to no choice about who will see your resume.
-Those who actually receive your resume may not be a good match for your field or skills at all.

Using Targeted Distribution Services

The same distribution services that send out resume blasts will often offer a targeted distribution service as well. This gives the job seeker more control over who sees your resume. As a result, you can choose those who specialize in the field that you wish to work in or in the level of career that you wish to work in.  However, targeted distribution services also cost money and will usually be more expensive than the resume blast distribution service.

-Your job search will be specific to only those fields and careers that interest you.
-It takes less time than a traditional job search.
-The chance of getting the position and pay range that you want is increased.

-It is more expensive than a general resume blast.
-There is usually no way for you to follow up with employers after your resume has been sent to them.

The Right Resume Distribution Method For You

Before deciding which resume distribution method to use, you must consider all aspects of your job search. If you do in fact prefer doing the searching, applying, and overall legwork yourself than do not use a resume distribution service. However, if the amount of time you have available to spend job searching is limited or you do not want to spend the time, then it might be a good idea to use a resume distribution service.

In addition to the amount of time involved, there are other factors to consider. Do you prefer email and the internet when you are applying to jobs? Or do you prefer the conventional job search of the telephone, newspaper classifieds, and recruiters?

No matter what you decide to do and how to go about your job search, just think it over carefully. A job search is an important process and so you should consider all aspects of it before jumping right in.

Resume Sending Services
Recruitment and hiring processes are constantly evolving. In the past, companies mostly advertised job openings in newspapers. But within a short span of time, this practice changed with the popularity of job sites. Right now, it is undergoing further evolution. It is important to stay on top of these changes to land the job that’s just right for you.

Right now, resume sending services are being promoted as a way to get noticed. Due to the extensive reach of the internet, someone in Washington can easily send his application to companies in New York, San Francisco, or anywhere else. When you consider that the number of possible applicants for one job posting number in the thousands, then the chances of getting noticed is indeed very minimal. Resume sending services aims to stack the odds in your favor.

Using resume distribution services has pros and cons. In this article, we’ve outlined some factors you need to consider before using such a service:

Pros of Using Resume Sending Services
•    Increasing the Odds – with so much competition in the job market today, it has become essential to reach as many recruiters as possible. Resume sending services can distribute your resume to thousands of potential employers within days.
•    Editing and Formatting Services – depending on the service you choose, resume sending providers may offer complimentary editing and formatting services which will make your CV stand out. Regular Word files will also be converted to other file types such as PDF.
•    Private Postings – there jobs that are filled even without the employer actually posting about the job opening. In this instance, resume sending services may come in handy if the provider has connections with recruitment companies.

Cons of Using Resume Sending Services
•    No Customization – this is a drawback that you’ll have to live with if you decide to use a resume distribution service. In this regard, the best thing you can do is to craft a generic application that can suit a variety of positions in your field.
•    Spam – one problem is that some resume sending services may send your resume to openings in industries that are not in-line with your skills. This may be seen as spamming by firms that receive your application. There is no point in applying as an administrative assistant if your skills lie in IT.
•    Expensive – resume sending services may seem cheap at first glance. But it is important to measure the actual value it provides. For example, let’s assume that after sending your resume to 1,000 recruiters, you get a 0.5 response rate. If you paid $100 for that service, is getting 5 calls worth it? That’s $20/response. You might be better off sending your resume to specific companies.
Times are indeed tough and most job hunters are looking to ways to get an edge in the marketplace. When the going gets tough, you have to determine if spending $80-$100 of your much-needed cash on a resume sending service is worth it.