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5 Highest Rated Resume Distribution Services


With an unprecedented number of people changing their jobs and careers, companies have a massive pool of talent to choose from for vacant positions. But, for job seekers, the competition is growing increasingly fierce. While you can still use traditional methods of finding available positions and submitting your resume, they are often ineffective in getting your info on the desk of the hiring manager. Many job seekers are turning to resume distribution services rather than do all the leg work with minimal results.

Every resume distribution service has a network of connections to help you get your resume in front of the right people. However, the quality of this network is what sets one service apart from the next. Here are five of the highest-rated resume distribution services that can help you get more interviews and snag a new opportunity.

Brand Resumes

We love Brand Resumes resume distribution service because it’s simple, cost-efficient, and effective. Save a ton of time in getting your resume right into the places you want it to be. Brand Resumes posts your resume on the top 60 job search platforms across the US. Their service gives you ultimate reach by allowing recruiters, hiring managers, and headhunters to find your resume and select you for an interview. You’ll receive the log in credentials to each job site that you select your resume to be posted. is one of the most popular and well-loved resume distribution services used by both job seekers and employers. With a vast network of over 27,000 recruiters, you’re bound to be discovered for the type of opportunity you want. The user interface is easy to navigate. Simply upload your resume and answer a few questions about your career goals. Once this info is reviewed, you’ll be matched with recruiters and employers on the site. The cost of getting your resume distributed is reasonable.

Custom Databanks

While Custom Databanks, Inc. is lesser-known than others on the list, their extensive network of 42,000 recruiters means you’ll find connections for nearly every industry and position. With this service, the first thing you’ll do is identify the industry and position you want, your desired salary, and your geographic region. You’ll also need to indicate whether you want to work with a recruiter on retainer or contingency. Once you provide this information, a list of recruiters will be shortlisted. From there, you have the option to have your cover letter and resumes sent out directly, or you can download the contact information for the recruiters. Both options are $99 each, or you can purchase both for $149.

Job Nexus

Job Nexus is particularly helpful in international career moves as they work in several international markets. This being said, they still operate in the same way as any other resume distribution service. Simply submit your resume or CV and answer some questions about your career goals to be matched with recruiters in your industry. Distribution services in the US market start at $49, with additional paid services such as resume writing also available.


Another popular resume distribution service is ResumeRobin, which has a network of both job boards and recruiters. While the site’s design is a bit dated, it runs fast, which is always appreciated. With ResumeRobin, the first thing you’ll do is enter your email address. Then you’ll provide basic personal information, upload your resume, and select your education level and the industry you want to enter. From there you’ll have the option to post your resume on their internal system for free, or they can distribute your resume to recruiters for you. Unlike other services on this list, ResumeRobin offers several different options depending on the number of recruiters and the size of your geographic area, with prices ranging from $25 to $75.


One of the benefits of using a resume distribution service is the increased exposure your resume gets. This is definitely the case with ResumeRabbit. The service lets you post your resume on 50 different job sites at once, drastically increasing the chances of your resume being found by employers. Another interesting feature offered by ResumeRabbit is discrete posting that allows you to post your resume anonymously, which can be helpful if you are just starting to look and don’t want your current employer to know. You can get all of these features at a one-time cost of $59.95, which is on par with the rest of the market.

Consider Using a Local Recruiter

The above-listed resume distribution services are some of the best, but it’s important to recognize that many of these services operate nationally. While this can be beneficial because they have extensive networks of employers and hiring managers, there are also advantages to working with a local recruitment agency that works specifically with employers in the area and offers resume distribution. The personal connections of local agencies may prove to be more beneficial than that of a large resume distribution service.

How Resume Distribution Works

There are a few different ways that you can spread your resume far and wide. You can distribute your resume for free, or you can pay a small fee. There are also time differences depending on the method you use for resume distribution. Before deciding how you are going to go about getting your resume to employers consider the pros and cons of the different ways of distribution that are available to you.

Manually Searching for Jobs

The Internet and the number of job boards available on it have changed the way that people search for and apply to jobs. Many people still manually apply to individual jobs and job postings that are of interest to them, though. Employers still use newspapers and other print publications to advertise jobs, but posting classifieds online is often free. For this reason, online job boards are very popular for both job seekers and employers alike.

-You can apply to specific jobs that interest you.
-Every application you send out can be customized for that specific employer.

-Manual job searches take up a lot of time.

Using a Recruiter

A job recruiter is someone who searches for and hires people for open positions at certain companies and organizations. Most recruiters are specialists for one field or industry so that they are better able to focus on finding quality applicants but also new positions that are open for applicants. By giving your resume to a recruiter, they will be aware that you are available for these positions they know about and though it may take some time before they call you, you will know that your name and resume is out there.

-Recruiters are a couple of steps ahead on finding out what positions are opening up.
-Once a recruiter has your resume, they will do some of the footwork of the job search for you.

-In order to have the best results possible you will need to widely distribute your resume to many different recruiters.
-It can be nearly as time-consuming of a process to find recruiters as it is to do your own job search.

Send Out Your Resume Quickly and Easily

A resume blast is the method of distribution that is used by a resume distribution service. Resume blasts send out your resume to hundreds, even thousands, of potential employer and job recruiters. However, this is done without any thought to particular fields or industries. Services that use this method will usually charge a fee before they send out the resume blast. Recruiters, on the other hand, get paid only upon filling a particular position or job.

-Hundreds, even thousands, of employers will receive and see your resume at the same time.
-It takes much less time than a traditional job search.
-It is a good method for recent graduates or people looking for any job at all, as every industry and career level will receive your resume.

-It is you, the applicant, who must pay out of pocket for this service.
-There is little to no choice about who will see your resume.
-Those who actually receive your resume may not be a good match for your field or skills at all.

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